This is not my first post, just my first official post on my first official blog. I have been keeping a sporadic journal over the past month. Instead of starting a whole new train of thought, I thought it would be best to post snippets of my previous posts as a prologue. Or maybe it will be more like the beginning of a TV show that gives you a quick recap of what happened last week. Either way, here it goes...

June 1, 2010
The idea of starting a blog has intrigued me for quite some time. My husband started one a couple of months ago about losing weight by training for and competing in triathlons. The number of regular readers and new people passing through has steadily increased. It has been a source of much joy, creativity and stress for him, but through it all, he remains dedicated to posting daily. I want in on the same thrills of daily personal expression. So why have I not yet started? I cannot figure out what I want to talk about. I have passed around many ideas in my mind, but they always fall short in originality in my views or would never make a lasting topic of discussion. Another concern I have about choosing a topic is would people actually want to read about this? You can only read so many blogs about celebrities, weight loss, fashion, etc. before they all blend together and seem the same. Until the “eureka” moment comes to me, I will instead write a daily journal.

June 2, 2010
...I have finally decided to combine my love of eating seafood with my love of cooking with the fact that I live in New England where seafood is abundant to create a fun new hobby for myself, learning how to cook seafood. My self-taught lessons will commence…when I return from vacation.

June 29, 2010
Since my last entry, I have regressed back to my usual lazy self as is evident by the fact that I A) haven’t posted in 27 days and B) have only cooked one seafood dish (salmon) in three weeks with no current plans for another dish.
Instead of filling in all the details of the past four weeks, I will just start over starting…now.
So, no new ideas for the blog. I tossed around the idea of blogging about training for a marathon with the hopes of qualifying for Boston. But it just got lumped back into the category of “what everyone else is already doing and besides, who cares if I run four times a week? The only people who care mostly know the ins and outs of running anyway” *phew* And, realistically, I won’t qualify on my first try anyway (for added drama), and my second try won’t be until February due to my crazy schedule, and by that point, Boston 2011 will be all filled, so I would have to wait a whole additional year to actually complete the blog, MEANWHILE, resting and running some more (exciting, huh?).
What is most frustrating are the people (namely, the rich and famous) who can babble and say anything irrelevant on their blogs and have tons of readers. I feel like I have slightly more relevant things to say (maybe), and yet who will want to read my daily babble?
What I look forward to the most right now is my upcoming, and well overdue, honeymoon with the love of my life. We will be spending three days and three nights in London, UK immediately followed by four days and three nights in Paris, France. I am really excited about the adventures we will have in both cities, the delicious food, the sweet wine, the couture clothing boutiques. No offense to London, I have been wanting to visit for a long time, but I am definitely looking forward to Paris the most, mainly to practice my French which I just learned this past month. Actually, I took a French class in college four years ago, but as soon as I put my pencil down after the final, I purged my mind out of frustration (really? I still don’t know how they make some of those sounds). With my hysterical husband proudly proclaiming that he will have to suffer through learning and communicating in the clearly harder language, English, and my passport finally in hand, I am really ready for this trip.

Today's update: After much discussion with my husband, I have decided to use the blog primarily as a journal and let it evolve from there. If I discover a topic that interests me, I'll just run with it at that point, but for now, you are subjected to my life as written by me.