Queen Rachelle

In honor of the recent royal engagement, I am proposing again my idea for an American monarchy. Most importantly, I am campaigning to be the first queen.

The news is all abuzz about Kate Middleton's engagement ring. They talk about how it used to be Diana's and how big it is. They are also saying how since the engagement, sapphire sales have increased. Let's be realistic folks. I had a sapphire and diamond engagement ring long before Kate. The royals didn't start the trend. I did.

Plus, as my mother-in-law pointed out, I also got married to my prince in a castle. I'm practically a queen already.

I am currently accepting applications for loyal subjects and k-nigits!


Philosophical thought for the day:

Why do they call it MENopause when it happens to WOMEN?

Why do they call it HYSterectomy whent it happens to HER?

I think it is because they were supposed to happen to men, but they shrugged them off on us women, like they do with everything else.

Where would the world be without women?

Famous Friday

I originally thought about starting a new blog for this topic, but then I realized that two blogs is already too hard to maintain. I don't want to keep up a third. Instead, I am starting "Famous Fridays". On Fridays, I am going to discuss how to become famous and what to do once you become famous. It is also going to partially be satire of those who are already famous.

I got this idea from myself. I always threw around the idea of becoming famous myself. Ideally, I want to become famous the Kardashian way, sit on my [literal] fat ass all day and get paid. I figured that writing a blog about my trip to the top is slightly less lazy. My husband has a quote of me on his Facebook that I said once upon a sober time, "Not many people know you yet, but stick with me and I'll make you famous."

I know its a little extreme, only about 1 in a million billion people actually become famous, and even fewer than that are famous for legitimate reasons. What would be funnier than some random person who became famous for no other reason than he or she wanted to be famous so they wrote a blog about it? Hear me out, you stick with me and I'll make you famous, and I'll stick with you and you'll make me famous. Makes sense, right?

My goal for being famous is to be the only sane and real life person in Famous-town. I want to be the person that all the little people can relate to and look up to. I want to use it as an opportunity to make changes in the world that I can't do as just an everyday person.

And even if it doesn't work out, I still have athletic training (which I also love).

Next week, I will discuss Myspace and how it can (or cannot) be used to skyrocket one's career to stardom.

Happy Meals :)

In California, they are close to passing a law that will ban fast food restaurants from putting toys in certain kids meals. The new law will say that toys can be put in kids meals only if it is less than 600 calories, has reduced fat and sodium, and has at least one fruit and vegetable. The toy will then act as a reward to the kids for eating healthy.

And the most confusing part is that there are people who are against this. My first thought was, "Under 600 calories? It should be lower than that. Do kids meals really have more than that?"

I can understand why the restaurant chains themselves would be against the law. They will be forced to make significant changes to their menu. Plus, they probably fear that they will lose customers. I'm not sure they would lose any more customers than they already are to obesity related health issues.

Another complaint that I heard on TV was that a toy is not motivation enough to get children to change what they eat. I don't know about other kids, but when I was a kid, I wanted to go to McDonald's for the sole purpose of getting a toy. I would easily be swayed to eat vegetables if it meant getting a toy. Ultimately, though, the parents are the ones making the purchase. Although, that could be a good argument against the ban as well. Parents are less likely to be motivated by a toy. They could easily say, "You will eat your saturated fat and like it...toy or not", but I don't know many parents who want to have unhealthy kids. What am I saying? Parents have been buying kids burgers and fries for years, so a lack of toy isn't going to stop them. As one person on TV said, there is nothing stopping the parents from going to a toy store to buy a replacement toy.

Besides, McDonald's doesn't make people fat. I don't know why people say this. It is a completely ridiculous comment. Until I see a study that proves that a plate full of saturated fat and cholesterol prevents weight gain or actually causes weight loss, I will always disbelieve this statement. McDonald's may not be the only reason why 30% of Americans are obese, but it is the most prime example of foods that cause weight gain.

Beginning of Lasts

This morning, I registered for spring semester classes. I have been registering for classes for years, so it didn't even occur to me until hours later that this would be the last time I would register for classes...ever! I can finally see a glimmer of light that is at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel that is school. I am 23 years old. I have been in school for 19 years. Its one of the few things that you can honestly say you've been doing for almost as long as you've been alive.

I have already spent much of this year checking things off of my list, knowing that the number of midterms, papers and projects that I have left to do are dwindling. For the first time in a long time (who am I kidding, for the first time ever) I have been working ahead on my school work. It makes me feel like I can make the end come faster by doing so.

Now, the real question is what I am going to do with my life once school is over. I still have to find a grown up job. At least I still have some time.