Ten for Tuesday: Love!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here are ten things I am loving right now...

1. My hubby, Benny
2. My puppy, Stanley
3. All of my wonderful family and friends (I am so blessed)
4. Desserts (duh!)
5. North Carolina winters
6. Basketball coaches canceling 6AM practice (mmm...sleeping in...)
7. P90X (yup, we're still "bringing it")
8. Pre-season triathlon training
9. All other foods that aren't dessert, but more specifically bacon and cheese
10. The "Love Songs" station on Pandora (right now, "Faithfully" by Journey is playing *le sigh* )

I LOVE this picture!!

Sunday Morning Comics

Growing up, I always looked forward to Sunday mornings. I would always try to be the first one up so I could be the first one to read the Sunday morning comics. I thought it would be fun to have a Sunday morning comics themed series of blog posts. There won't always be illustrations (but I'll try to do as many as I can to make it entertaining), but they'll always be short, light-hearted and funny stories.

Earlier this week, we had the Family Feud on the TV in the athletic training room. I was working with one of my male student-athletes who was doing rehab. He also happens to be from a non-English speaking country.

The question on the game show was "Name something that starts with 'doggie' ".

He blurts out "doggie style" which initiated a bunch of laughter and joking reprimands like "You can't talk like that in here" and "We know what's on your mind right now."

His response: "I'm sorry. I don't know much English. That's the only 'doggie' I know."

Well, at least he's learning the important parts of English...

New Blog

Hey all,

I've been working hard on a new blog. My dream for it is to some day be a place where I can showcase my hats that I will make for my (hopefully) millinery business. It is also a place where I can merge all of my creative outlets into one giant outlet. Those outlets also include fashion and acting. Maybe one day when I actually have a house to call my own (or maybe even a house that I live in for more than a year or two at a time), I'll also post pictures of some of my renovations, DIY projects or new additions to the house.

Right now, it is just a couple reviews of Red Carpet attire from recent awards shows, but in the near future, I hope to add pictures of outfits that I have put together, pictures of other people wearing outfits they have put together, stories about attempts to become an actress, and of course, hats!!!

I want to get a digital SLR camera for my blog to help to blog look nicer (and just to take nicer pictures for my own personal enjoyment). Does anybody have any suggestions for quality, but still relatively cheap cameras?

Anyways, without further ado: actfashmillinery.wordpress.com

Cruise Body Check In

So there's not much to say here, because I'm still being my glutonous self. After having an amazing first week of the year, losing 3.5 pounds, I'm only down a total of 2.6 pounds for the month. Granted, its better than nothing, but its not the 4 pounds I was looking for. Good thing I gave myself some wiggle room time-wise. I figured I might have a week or two that wouldn't go as well as planned...or a whole month.

We are in the middle of week 3 of P90X. Its going well so far. I feel stronger and I have found out I actually do have muscles hiding in there some where and they are coming out (or at least I like to believe they are starting to show their face around here). The workouts are getting easier and I'm not constantly sore anymore like I was for the first 10 days. The only workout that still kills me is the plyometrics one, but more from the "My hip flexors are on fire and I've only done 2 exercises" stand point than the "I'm completely exhausted after only 2 exercises" stand point that it was when we first did the workout.

Last week, I also started an off-season triathlon training plan to start prepping for some in-season training. The only problem I have with it is that even though the workouts are only about an hour long, I just have no time for anything. I'm lucky if I have time to eat, let alone workout. I definitely don't have any time for some of the fun hobbies that I want to start doing to destress. Just ask Ben. I've basically been a hot mess for the past month. Only 5 1/2 more weeks of basketball!! And only 12 more days until my next day off (its been 16 since my last day off, in case you lost count)!!!