Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl means commercials. Here are my favorites as I see them.

Oh, and Go Pack Go!

Doritos - Man is left to house sit while his friend is gone. He was given two instructions: Feed the fish and water the plant. A few days later, the man realizes his friend is coming home soon only to realize the fish and the plant have both died. The solution? Feed them Doritos of course! Not only do they magically come back to life, but so does the friend's cremated grandfather. Personally, I had almost forgotten Doritos even existed. Maybe they'll bring my diet back to life.

Packers score touchdown numero dos on an interception!

Volkswagon - Little boy thinks he is Darth Vader. After many failed attempts of using "The Force", he finally succeeds when the car turns on at his direction. All of this thanks to dad using the car remote. Very cute. Very nerdy. Probably Ben's fav so far.

Halftime show - I love the Black Eyed Peas. I love them more with each new album. Their songs just keep getting better. And they definitely know how to put on a good show. And I like that Fergie is like your real American woman and isn't uber skinny, but she still has a body I would kill to have. Plus, she knows the words to the songs (Christina). And then a surprise drop in by Usher. What?! The only thing that could have made the halftime show better would have been an appearance by the Biebs.

I take that back. Bieber made an appearance in a Best Buy commercial, along with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. The Biebs takes over Ozzy's job of promoting ever improving "G's". I knew we couldn't make it through a whole Superbowl without a little Bieber fever.

Detroit, don't let that Chrysler commercial go to your head. You are still the trash hole of America.

Oh, and what a finish to the game! Congrats Packers! Although, I must say, the Lombardi Trophy is no Stanley Cup. I guess an inferior trophy for an inferior sport.


Bonnie said...

OUCH! That remark about Detroit really hurt. Don't be a hater. No one should kick a city that is suffering so badly. At least you should wait until they are on the rebound before you bash them so strongly. How about a little mercy and compassion!/??

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