2010 in Review

January - You know, the usual. School and work.
February - As you'll find out in my 2011 post, February is usually a crazy month for me at work. Thanks to the Beanpot, we have lots of games all at once in February leading to lots of burn out and injuries...and I'm not just talking about the athletes. Thank goodness it was the end of the season.
March - The Boston University women's hockey team wins their first ever Hockey East title. I still gets the chills when I think about the great overtime victory. I'll have to recap for you sometime my feelings during the game. As a result of the win, the girls also got their first ever NCAA tournament bid. They lost the first round, but it was still a great ride.

April - Went to the Frozen Four in Detroit with Ben, my dad and my brother. It was the perfect location in that it also allowed us to spend some time with Ben's family. We also got to see Wisconsin (Go Badgers!) make it to the final round, only to lose to Boston College (really?). All of the games were blowouts, which kinda stunk. But we did get to see Chris Chelios in person.

Yes, that's my dad high fiving him
 May - End of my first year of graduate school. It all went by so fast. I couldn't believe I was already half way done. I also participated in my first ever triathlon. I finished after almost quitting during the swim. I was having some serious issues with the cold and even asked to be taken to the ambulance boat, but just as I had said that, the boat sank forcing me to finish the swim anyways. At that point, I figured I might as well just finish the race.
June - Went to my brother's high school graduation. Following that, I helped my parents move from Wisconsin to Florida. I took turns driving the moving truck with my dad. We drove straight through and it took us 23 hours! Not to mention, I had never driven a truck before. I treated myself to a week in Florida which consisted of sitting by the pool, swimming in the pool and visiting my friend and former roommate, Brittany, in St. Augustine. I also finished my second sprint triathlon, which went much better than the first triathlon.
July - We celebrated the 4th of July in Boston which was crazy amazing. I also finished my first ever Olympic triathlon. It took much longer than expected due to flatting on the bike course. At that point, I had not yet learned how to change a flat, so I had to wait 40 minutes for the bike mechanic to arrive and change my flat. Ben and I also FINALLY went on our honeymoon to London and Paris. I highly recommend either place to anyone looking for a European vacation, but if I had to pick just one, it would definitely be Paris.
August - Ben and I both finished our first half Ironman at Timberman. I also started my second year of work/school.
September - Ben and I spent September recovering from Timberman and getting back into the swing of work and school. We also celebrated our first wedding anniversary...big success ;)
October - I got to travel to North Dakota with the hockey team. I definitely would never have paid to go there myself, but it was a great free experience. The weekend series marked the beginning of the hockey season.
November - I submitted a case study to NATA which is the first time I submitted anything professionally. I have yet to hear back if I will present at the annual conference, but either way, I view it as a success. Also, Ben and I celebrate Thanksgiving in Boston.
December - I finished my 3rd of 4 semesters of graduate school. I'm almost there! The hockey team is ranked #3 in the nation, which is the highest they have been ranked in team history. Ben and I celebrate Christmas in Boston, which is the first time either one of us celebrated away from family. We made this decision due to the limited time I had off from the hockey team. However, we skyped both of our families so it felt like we were there. We are planning on finishing the year by going to the Nutcracker (first time for me) on Dec. 30 and going out to eat at Legal Sea Food on Dec. 31.

This year really flew by and I'm looking forward to next year. I just hope it doesn't fly by as fast so I can really enjoy every minute of it.


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