New Year's Resolutions

1. Get a job. Preferences: Work with a hockey team; Stay in New England, but the Midwest would be fine too. There are not a lot of job openings right now that are hiring for after May 2011, so this won't be more of an issue until that time gets closer.

2. Get back down to race weight (115 - 120 lbs) and tone up. I particularly want to change my two pack + 1 pint that is my belly.

3. Get better at triathlons. This means overcoming my fear of cold water. Just because its cold doesn't mean I'm drowning. I'm also not the only one in the cold water, so I should just suck it up already. My season one goals were to finish every race. My season two goals are to have a better times than last year. Another goal of mine is to finish top three in my age group for at least one triathlon. I also aim to PR in my marathon in February. My previous time is 4:59:11, so it shouldn't be too hard as long as I stay healthy and uninjured. I have come a long way from two years ago.  If I want to qualify for Boston, I should really run marathons more frequently than once every two years.

4. Put more effort into my hobbies, particularly knitting and acting. I let the stress of work and school get the best of me and I feel like it is increasingly more important for me to have "me" time. I have done a bunch more knitting this winter since school ended, but that will likely be left at the wayside once school starts up again. I would like to work on something for at least 30 minutes per week. I also want to put more work into my acting hobby. I do not necessarily mean taking more classes, although that would be nice. I want to get a headshot and resume together and submit them to various casting companies in town. The headshot is the hardest part as they are not particularly cheap. My goal is to audition at least once. That may be a lofty *cough* goal, but I got to start somewhere.

Plans for the new year:
January - Vegas, baby!
February - Survive the crazy hockey schedule. We typically have 2 games per week at a maximum. The first three weeks of February have us playing 10 games. We had a similar schedule last year, and everyone was drained/injured by the end. Hopefully, we all make it out alive and well this year. Plus, I have my scholarly paper due early March, so February would also pit me trying to survive school. Oh, and I'm running a marathon. I need a nap just thinking about it.
March - Hopefully, win a national championship! We deserve it after our February schedule. Happy birthday to me!
April - Go to Minneapolis for the men's hockey Frozen Four
May - Graduate. Yes, you may begin calling me "Master" now. Also, my personal deadline for having a job. Whether or not I start in May, I don't care. I just want to know that I have a job by May. Also, triathlon season starts!
June - NATA conference in New Orleans, Mooseman Half
July - Half way done dance
August - Start new job?
September - Two year anniversary (love you, Benny!), First ever Full Ironman!!! @Cedar Point Rev3
October - off season/marathon(?)
November - Thanksgiving...hopefully, with one of our families. Its been too long since I've spent Thanksgiving with family.
December - Christmas (already?)...again, hopefully, with family.

Anyone else have any big plans for 2011?


Barb said...

Wish you lived closer, I would love to work on those headshots with you. It would be fun:) Good luck with all your goals.

Rachelle said...

That would be awesome! Ben and I want to go back to Columbus to visit some time soon, so maybe we could work something out. I'll keep you in the loop.

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