Cruise Body Check In

So there's not much to say here, because I'm still being my glutonous self. After having an amazing first week of the year, losing 3.5 pounds, I'm only down a total of 2.6 pounds for the month. Granted, its better than nothing, but its not the 4 pounds I was looking for. Good thing I gave myself some wiggle room time-wise. I figured I might have a week or two that wouldn't go as well as planned...or a whole month.

We are in the middle of week 3 of P90X. Its going well so far. I feel stronger and I have found out I actually do have muscles hiding in there some where and they are coming out (or at least I like to believe they are starting to show their face around here). The workouts are getting easier and I'm not constantly sore anymore like I was for the first 10 days. The only workout that still kills me is the plyometrics one, but more from the "My hip flexors are on fire and I've only done 2 exercises" stand point than the "I'm completely exhausted after only 2 exercises" stand point that it was when we first did the workout.

Last week, I also started an off-season triathlon training plan to start prepping for some in-season training. The only problem I have with it is that even though the workouts are only about an hour long, I just have no time for anything. I'm lucky if I have time to eat, let alone workout. I definitely don't have any time for some of the fun hobbies that I want to start doing to destress. Just ask Ben. I've basically been a hot mess for the past month. Only 5 1/2 more weeks of basketball!! And only 12 more days until my next day off (its been 16 since my last day off, in case you lost count)!!!


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