Gah! Girls...

So you may remember when I was complaining about people sitting down right next to me when there are a lot of open seats in the room that aren't within my personal space. Well, it happened again today, only that wasn't the most annoying part.

It quickly became apparent that the girl who sat down next to me either suffered from ADD or had a terrible case of egomania. She came in about fifteen minutes after class had ended and plumped down right next to me. Fortunately, she did not wreak of cigarette smoke, but rather cocoa butter (which is only slightly better). She placed her purse on the floor at her feet with the handle around her knees. She pulled out her notebook and pen and set them on the desk. Initially, she just sat there. She did not even furiously write notes before the teacher erased the chalkboard. She just sat there.

I am apparently ungrateful. I bitch when someone sits next to me, but I'm never appreciative when that's all they do is sit. About five minutes following her arrival, she readjusted the position of her purse and then proceed to comb her hair with her fingers. Then she repositioned her purse again and then returned to combing her hair, but over the other shoulder this time. When she was thoroughly satisfied with her hair, she returned to her purse, but to riffle through it instead of adjusting it.

The whole time I'm thinking, "What the fuck is she doing?" Not to mention, she still hasn't touched her pen or notebook.

She begins to pull out various make-up and lotion items and places them on her desk. She determines that her make-up does not need touching up, so she returns them to the purse and places the purse back on the floor. She has a couple different lotions, the exact number of which I am not sure as I am trying to pay attention to class. I do see her out of the corner of my eye opening them one at a time. She smells each one, some of them twice. Once she makes her lotion selection, she places the others back in her purse. She picks up the chosen one and opens it again and smells it one last time, just to be sure. She puts some in her hand and puts the tube away and rubs in the lotion. I bet you can't guess what scent she picked. Yup, cocoa butter. I wouldn't be surprised if they were all cocoa butter.

Now that she has finally got herself situated, she actually scribbles something in her notebook. She spent the rest of class anxiously shifting her weight in her seat while scribbling in her notebook every once in a while. If school is such a waste of your time, save yourself the money and don't go. But if you must, DON'T SIT BY ME!!


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