My Dream Job

My dream job is one where I plan my life around a hockey schedule. Oh no wait...

For as much as I may complain from time to time about my job, its practically the best job ever, especially considering my relative newness to this profession. Ever since eighth grade, all I wanted to do was be an athletic trainer for a hockey team. Really. I set my goals that high. I can't tell you how many times I have had people say, "An athletic trainer? Really? You can do better than that. You should be a doctor or something." Well, now look who loves their job and who doesn't? Oh, hey!

Some days, I am still in disbelief of where I have been and where I have come to. I pinch myself a lot to make sure I'm still not dreaming. I still have seven months left in my position here at Boston University, but I know its going to be over before I know it. The first three months of my last year have already flown by. I just hope I can find another job that is even half as good. Hopefully, it still means planning my life around a hockey schedule.


Ali said...

I think it's great you've found a job you adore. I still have no idea what my 'dream job' is, but I hope I find it and enjoy it as much as you do!

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