None Shall Pass

Today was the home opener for the BU women's hockey team. Not only that, but there was also the banner raising ceremony preceding the game to commemorate the Hockey East Championship and the NCAA tournament appearance. A bunch of last year's seniors were there to share in the event. It was so great to see them again.

It was definitely one of the biggest crowds they have had in the year plus that I have been here. I'm sure the free food, scarves and the pep band helped. I really wish this many people came to all of the games. Women's hockey is a great sport, made even better by having a remarkable home team. If only everyone gave it the appreciation it deserves.

The team continued their winning ways with a big 7 - 2 victory over Wayne State. It was even made complete with a hat trick that eventually turned into four total goals for one of our girls. They also tallied their fourth shorthanded goal of the season, which is a lot for four games.

Following the game, the team received their Hockey East Champions necklaces which I assume is to take the place of championship rings. I received one as well. They are really nice.

As I was leaving after the game, there was a crowd of kids asking for autographs at the end of the hall (and its the only way out). I figured if I looked inconspicuous (which is hard to do while carrying a pizza box), I might escape unscathed. I was wrong. Not only was I spotted, but I was not allowed to pass until I autographed arms and posters. I can't complain too much. It is cool seeing kids so excited for this sport that they even want my autograph.


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