Famous Friday: Fallen From Heaven

Yet again, Hollywood wakes up to another Charlie Sheen story. This time, it turns out to be a hernia. But how many more times does this many have to be arrested/hospitalized/rehabbed until he gets his act together? I would hate to see one of my favorite TV shows, Two and a Half Men, go away because the star actor overdosed. Many people say addicts need to hit rock bottom before they realize they need help, but when everyone around Charlie Sheen coddles him so much, will he hit rock bottom before its too late?

Of course, he isn't the only celebrity who is resorting to drugs. Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of rehab many times over the past few years. Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson have recently died due to their drug addictions. How many more people need to die before agents or producers start making harsher consequences for celebrities?


Ben said...

The more important question is how do you think he got the hernia? And who is that handsome guy in your profile picture?

Bonnie Berry said...

I think the public needs to turn away from these celebrities who are drug addicts. Maybe they would realize how much they have to lose if they actually lost something, like our interest. But the American public seems to continually embrace them, even when they live terrible lives off screen. It seems the more outrageious they are, the better we love them. I say, turn off their TV programs, stop watching their movies, and stop glorifying their every mistep. If nothing else, this would stop sending the message to kids that such antics are ok if you are a star.

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