Famous Friday

Welcome to the inaugural Famous Friday! In this section of my blog, I will be discussing different aspects of fame, some of which I will attempt to use as I strive for stardom myself. I always wanted to know how people went from nothing  to Kim Kardashian, so I will attempt to do it myself and write about it along the way. If all else fails, this section will at least be successful as a satire of fame.

To start, I will be discussing social media. More specifically, I will be discussing my use of them and my opinion of various social medias. I will also talk about how currently famous people use social media. I will go in chronological order starting with Myspace.

In the beginning, there was internet. And with the internet, there was Myspace.  Actually, to be quite honest, it was probably Friendster, but I am too young to remember that.  Myspace was the precursor for Facebook. Nowadays, it is more like Facebook’s evil twin.  What started as a popular social networking site has turned into a site for stalker, pedophiles and prostitutes.  For this reason, I discontinued using it almost eight years ago now and finally terminated my account a year ago.  It was far too long in coming.

There is, however, an island on Myspace that has remained untainted where the bands and musicians lurk.  Local bands who have not quite graduated to full blown website make their names and music known through the site.  For some, it is a launching pad to stardom, and for others it is as far as they will go on the road to fame.

Realistically, most people who are anybody have transitioned over to the Twitter.  Does anybody still use Myspace? And I mean use it and not just have an account. Any particularly good or bad experiences?


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