Famous Friday: Golden Globes

I have never really been a big fan of award shows until my recent obsession with acting. I take that back. I was obsessed with teen award shows when I was, well, a teen. This was the first awards show that I DVR'd and watched from beginning to end.

To be completely honest, I was most excited about the fashion. I wish I could say I was more excited about the awards show, but I haven't seen 95% of the shows and movies that are nominated. Its hard to be like, "Oh yeah, I definitely agree with that win," or "WTF? That show/movie sucked!" Of course, any movie with Mark Wahlberg in it automatically has my vote. It has two of my votes if Christian Bale is in it too. I always think I am watching too much TV until I watch an award show and hear about all of the TV shows I have never seen or worse, have never heard of. Regardless, I am hugely biased against Glee or Twilight or anything hideously teenie-bopper terrible. Are people really so simple minded that movies or shows made for teens are far and away favorites?

Now, the fun part...a few of my favorite dresses:

Julianne Hough: Very Greek goddess. Ryan Seacrest did something right.

Eva Longoria: So simple, but so gorgeous. I wish I could rock curves like that.

Natalie Portman: That hump, That lovely baby bump
Worst dressed:
Angelina Jolie: What's with the shoulder pads? I was hoping we left the 80's in the 80's.

Anne Hathaway: Again with the shoulder pads

Helena Bonham Carter: Great actress, terrible dresser. You can get away with mismatched socks, but not shoes.

Jennifer Lopez: I liked the dress, but the shawl made her look more middle-aged than she is.
My favorite dress *drum roll*
Megan Fox: I'm not a huge fan of pink, but the pastel pink, the criss-crossing straps up top and a spritz of bling make this dress really beautiful.
Anyone else have any other favorites or glaring fashion faux pas?
Any thoughts on the award winners or who should have won?


Bonnie said...

I missed most of the show, but heard that the Big Bang Theory lead actor won an award. I love that show, and Jim Parsons is great, though Johnny Galecky as Leonard is my fav. Loved him as David in Roseanne, love him still.

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