50 States

Since moving into a hotel, I have been watching significantly more TV than I usually do. I think I have finally caught up on my Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami episodes. I missed all of the shows leading up to Kourtney getting pregnant. I didn't start obsessing over the Kardashians until Kourtney was already pregnant. So pretty much every show before that, I have missed. 

To save some face, I have been watching a lot of History Channel as well. I don't think I had ever watched the History Channel for more than five minutes at a time before, but now I watch it for hours at a time. I must miss school or something. I just finished watching the second half of a show about Maine and Florida. The hosts spend part of the show interviewing people about their perspectives of the state, whether they be outsiders or natives. Its quite funny that states have each developed their own little stereotypes. 

A combo of this intrigue and my sheer boredom gave me a great idea. I'm going to go done the list of states and say the first word(s that comes to mind whenever I think of that state. Ready? Here we go. 

P.S. Hopefully, this doesn't offend any of you. Its all in good fun.

Alabama - Fight against segregation and racism
Alaska - Snow
Arizona - Desert
Arkansas - Ozarks
California - Hollywood
Colorado - Rocky Mountains
Connecticut - That place between Boston and NYC
Delaware - Itty bitty living space
Florida - Oranges
Georgia - 1996 Summer Olympics
Hawaii - Beaches
Idaho - Potatoes
Illinois - Bad drivers
Indiana - Flat Land
Iowa - Corn
Kansas - Tornadoes
Kentucky - Horses
Louisiana - Cajun food
Maine - Moose
Maryland - Crabs
Massachusetts - Revolutionary War
Michigan - Poo (I gotta, I'm an Ohio State alum)
Minnesota - Winter sports
Mississippi - River
Missouri - Gateway Arch
Montana - Wild west
Nebraska - Wheat
Nevada - Vegas, baby!
New Hampshire - Nature
New Jersey - Snooki
New Mexico - Native American paintings/art
New York - The Big Apple
North Carolina - Nascar
North Dakota - Cold
Ohio - Buckeyes
Oklahoma - Musical
Oregon - Huge pine trees
Pennsylvania - groundhogs
Rhode Island - Blink and you might miss it
South Carolina - Confederates
South Dakota - Mount Rushmore
Tennessee - country music
Texas - cattle
Utah - Mormons
Vermont - Picturesque
Virginia - Political history
Washington - Rain
West Virginia - Rednecks
Wisconsin - Cheese, beer
Wyoming - *chirp chirp*


Colleen said...

Hahaha... so many of these made me laugh. Michigan (because I'm from OH) and Wyoming were both great!

Ali said...

I think I ran out of words at Arkansas! I know nothing about around half the states, which is really bad.

Rachelle said...

No worries! Not sure I could come up with good generalizations/stereotypes for the countries of the United Kingdom, except for Scottish kilts.

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