Pre-Ironman Goals

Since moving into a hotel, my eating habits have gotten out of control. Its hard when you are eating out for most of your meals to eat healthy. Who wants yet another side salad when there's other more delightful options? And for whatever reason, I have lost motivation to train. Its good and bad news that we're less than three weeks away from the big race. Its good because than I can take a much needed break from training. Its bad because motivationally, I've already given up on training. I need to find away just to give that last little push. After all, I just have one more long run, 20 miles today, and one last long bike ride, 100 miles this weekend. The rest is just tapering. Piece of cake, right?

So to try to keep myself on track, I have made a few short term goals. I sent them to my husband so he can help me stay focused, and I want to post them here as well.

This week: 

- Eat one salad a day (Hopefully, this helps with the fact that we eat out at least once a day. If I force myself to have a salad for that one meal, I won't be tempted to have fried chicken or something equally bad.)
- No more than 2 desserts for the week (Work in progress. I grew up being allowed to have one dessert a day, so limiting the dessert intake has been a struggle for me)

Next two weeks:
- Workout 6 days a week
- Do Cosmo workouts 7 days a week (I have a Cosmo magazine subscription. Each magazine has four exercise that target a certain area of the body and they all chosen by celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson. I'm going to do two of the workouts a day, one core workout and one other workout for a total of eight exercises.)
- Eat within Weight Watchers points (as much as I can considering our living situation...its hard to always know how many points are in a sandwich from a mom and pop sub shop. Until I can prepare my own food regularly, I'll do my best to estimate how many points I'm eating and stay within the points I am allowed each day.)


Colleen said...

So excited for you. Don't stress about your motivation plummeting. It happens when you are three weeks out. And make sure that you are eating enough, especially in taper mode. I know you'll feel like you could eat anything that isn't nailed down, and I'm a huge fan of WW, but just make sure that you are eating enough! :)

Anonymous said...

Your goals look healthy and achievable! I think it's okay to have dessert daily, if you can re-define what 'dessert' means to you - I quite often have greek yogurt with fruit and honey after dinner, for a 'sweet treat' to make the meal feel 'concluded'.

You'll rock the Ironman, I know it!

Rachelle said...

I'm only doing the Weight Watchers thing for the next two weeks, while making sure I eat enough to make up for the exercising. The week leading up to the race, I'm going to eat what I want, within reason of course. Left up to my own devices, I would eat nothing but bacon, peanut butter and ice cream.

I like replacing desserts with some kinda sweet. I have a huge sweet tooth and I definitely could not go a day without sweet. I love fruit and yogurt parfaits, or fruit salad as my dessert replacement. Or there is this amazing cinnamon raisin peanut butter. On toast, it tastes like a cinnamon roll, so that also is a delicious compromise.

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