I've Been Tagged!

I have finally received my first ever blog tag. It is quite an honor. Thanks to Ali from Student On A Health Craze. Hopefully that is the correct way to spell "Ali". I know a lot of Ali's and they all spell it differently. Trying to keep me on my toes I guess. Not that I really have room to talk. My name is pronounce "Rachel", but spelled "Rachelle". Everyone mispronounces it, misspells it, etc. so I'm quite used to it by now.

Anyways, on with it...

Most beautiful blog post~
I was struggling with this one a little bit because I feel like there are a couple of posts that would have fit well into this category. I asked hubby for input. He told me to go with "Fourth of July Weekend" because of the beautiful pictures we took on our whale watching trip. Another blog post which I think contained more beautiful content is "Baby, I was born today" which described my Frozen Four experience with the Boston University women's ice hockey team. As their athletic trainer, I had such a memorable experience that week with the team. Despite losing the national championship game, the season was quite the accomplishment and will not soon be forgotten.

Most popular~
In terms of most views, "Body by Cosmo magazine" wins out with 136 views, most likely due to Pippa's ass. There are multiple posts tied for first in the "most comments" category, so I can't say which one is more popular in regards to comments.

Most controversial~
All of those blog posts that I started in fury, but never actually having the gall to post. I know better to let "angry posts" simmer for a while before going through with posting them, so I think I have successfully avoided having controversial posts. The one angry post that I did post, "No Love Lost Here", was about some controversy and tension that occurred between my husband and I and our gym. I guess its only borderline controversial, but its the best I got.

Most helpful~
Not finishing the Patriot Half Ironman was devastating to me, but I found plenty of encouragement from my lovely followers. Thanks so much for your generous and faithful support in response to my Patriot Half Ironman Race Report.

Surprise success~
Ok, so maybe I'm making my own little twist on what this is asking, but that's the great thing about blogging (at least on this blog), I make up my own rules. A couple of weeks ago, Ben was invited to the Boston premier of the television show, Falling Skies. It was a surprise for both of us. The premier was a success as we got to meet one of the stars of the show, Moon Bloodgood. She is gorgeous and has a kick ass personality to boot. All of this was made possible because of hubby's Twitter success, as judged by Kout. Read all about it in "Falling Skies Premier Party".

Not enough attention~
Although, it was probably one of my shortest blog posts, I feel like "My Dream Job" deserves more attention. Its not in the sense that I want people to notice that I have achieved some of my career goals already at such a young age, but that I wish the same success and happiness for others. I want people to realize that if it can happy to me, it can happen to you. Sometimes it won't be easy. In fact, most times, it will be hard. I put a lot of time and hard work into getting where I am today. But keep plugging along and make it happen.

But seriously, this post had zero views?

Most proud~
My proudest moment (at least in my blogging history) is my race recap of Timberman, "I Am [Half] Ironman". As anyone who has ever done an endurance race can attest to, you are proud of yourself for every race you finish. It is a big deal just to have said you have done the training and you started the race, but to actually finish is icing on the cake.

Now, to pass along the tags. I'm not sure how many people to tag, but here are a few. I apologize if you have done this one before. I have definitely seen this one around, so if you've done it already, you can go ahead and ignore it. Or if you just don't want to do it, you can just go ahead and ignore it as well.

Ben (aka hubby) at Becoming Timberman - FYI, he whined that I was tagged in a "chain blog" thingamajig before he was, because he's been blogging longer that I have and has more followers.
Colleen at IRONDIVA 
Mandy at Caratunk Girl
Laurel (aka my little sis) at The Wanderer
Barb (aka our engagement photographer) at Trimble Photography & Barb Trimble
Courtney at That Runner Chick


Caratunk Girl said...

Hey you! COOL! Thanks for the tag, I am running out of blog material, this is my Thursday post - thanks!

Ali said...

That is how you spell my name :) I've had someone spell it Alieie on a birthday card, I don't think you can get more wrong than that! I had no idea Rachelle was pronounced Rachel, you learn something new everyday!

I remember some of these posts, but not all of them. I've opened a couple of tabs with the ones I don't recognise, time to catch up!

Rachelle said...

Some "Rachelle's" pronounce it like Michelle, so people mispronounce or misspell it all the time. My own grandma doesn't even spell my name right.

Colleen said...

Thanks for tagging me in this... I needed an idea for a blog post! :) Will write it up this week!

Barb said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll have to do a post soon for this.

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