Donut Daze, Part 1

I hope I didn't hype up this post too much. I was just too excited that I actually new what I wanted to talk about more than five minutes before I started typing.

First and foremost, I wanted to discuss my thoughts behind my blog's title, Donut Daze. The simple explanation is that I really like donuts and wanted to incorporate them into my blog. The longer, more drawn out explanation stems from a quotation. In my high school's yearbook, there was a place where parents of graduating seniors could put their "I love you's" and "I'm so proud of you's". For me, my parents put this quote (also found underneath my blog title), "As you go through life, Whatever your goal, Keep your eyes on the donut, Not on the hole". At first glance, it seems kind of a silly little joke quote that was probably my dad's idea.

As I've actually gone through life since then, I have made various personal definitions for it. One is that donuts are clearly superior to donut holes. They are way bigger and there's more you can do with them as far as fillings, toppings, etc.

Another is that as you go through life, you should keep your goals at the front of you mind at all times. Keep your goals a priority and never give up on them or let others come in between you and your goals. Regardless of what people say or how hard it may seem to accomplish those goals, you should always and at all times strive to achieve them.

Finally, no matter how much you plan, no matter how well you execute the plan, things will almost never go according to plan. There will be setbacks and detours along the road to achieving your goals. There will always be holes in your donut, but as long as you always keep your focus on the donut, everything will come out ok.

Come back tomorrow to read about my goals, real and fictional, simple and extreme, serious and funny.


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