July 2...because I can't think of a title

I am the biggest wimp I know when it comes to getting sick. At least I have a good excuse. I don't get sick very often, and when I do, I don't mess around. I almost always end up in the hospital, or at least in the doctor's office for some serious meds. And now, I've had a nagging hack for the past 48 hours, three days before I am to leave for my honeymoon, in a foreign country (London and Paris). It feels very similar to the bronchitis I had almost two years ago. Here's to hoping its not as I don't have time to see a doctor before we depart.
However, I didn't let it get me down. I did my own reverse triathlon yesterday. I ran four miles in the morning, biked 20 miles around lunch time, and then swam 1000 yards in the afternoon. I felt good until about 400 yards into the swim and I just couldn't stop coughing. Somehow managed to punch out another 600 though.
And I'm sad to say that all of my soccer teams are officially out of the World Cup. My teams being USA and Brazil. As an American soccer fan during this World Cup, we experienced not one, but two bad breaks. However, it was nothing compared to what Ghana went through today against Uruguay. Albeit, Ghana's chance at World Cup glory wasn't denied by poor refereeing and lack of instant reply, but rather by their own doing (or not doing). As my husband so eloquently put it, scoring a goal on a penalty kick is like shooting fish in a barrel...unless you are Ghana. What was one minute sure defeat for Uruguay and a lifetime of hate mail for Luis Suarez, quickly became defeat for Ghana and a lifetime of hate mail for Asamoah Gyan. Now, I'm left wondering what would have happened had it been the US. At least Landon Donovan would have made the PK...for the United States of Donovan.
And don't even get me started on Brazil...


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