I tried to ford the river, and my ox died!

As some of you may have read in my husband's blog, I am still ill. I went to the doctor yesterday, a different one because my usual doctor was not in the office. The doctor informed me that this illness is going around and many people have it for weeks before feeling better (if this was Oregon Trail, morale just went down...and I probably lost an ox too).

He theorizes it is for the same reason that many people get sick in winter, because people are spending an increased amount of time inside due to the weather. He said it is most likely a viral infection, so it can only be treated symptomatically. On the plus side, he refilled by cough syrup with codeine prescription. He also suggested switching from phenylephrine to sudafed. Hopefully, this clears itself up before I start work on August 2.

An unfortunate result of this illness is that I haven't really been feeling up to working out. With the exception of a one mile run yesterday and some core exercises, I haven't really been training. My goal is to get back on the horse tomorrow, better or not. One of the benefits of having done the race on Sunday is that I'm still losing weight. I have had hydration issues in the past, so I have been making it a point to drink plenty of water, so I know I'm not just shriveling away. I was down a pound today, even after eating, not one, but two McDonald's ice cream cones. Looking back on it, I feel bad I let myself down on my one sweet a day goal, but every goal needs to go off the road every once in a while to help remind you why you made the goal in the first place. It motivates me that much more to stick to my goal today and tomorrow and so on. Aside from the dessert, I have been eating healthier over the past couple of days. I have been eating more vegetables (which isn't saying much as I normally don't eat any) and fruit (isn't that hard for me to do). Yesterday, I made some hard boiled eggs to eat as a snack instead of chips or cookies. I read that people who eat at least one egg in the morning, on average, eat 300 fewer calories during the day. Plus, because of the protein, an egg will keep me feeling full longer in comparison to chips or cookies.

Speaking of core exercises, I began doing daily core exercises this week. Each workout consists of only four different exercises, each one performed 10 times for 2 sets. My plan is to change the exercises each week, so I am not doing the same exercises all the time and my body doesn't get bored or gets used to doing the same exercises. I am presently blessed with a two pack and a two liter. I would like to exchange my two liter for a full six pack.

I apologize for not having more exciting news. Not a lot happens sitting on the couch all day.

Oh, I did forget to mention, I am getting my new bike today. As many of you know from Benny's blog, our bikes were stolen Sunday night. I am actually getting my exact same bike again. It fits into our insurance check budget without spending too much extra money, and I really loved my bike the first time.


Derek said...

I'd love to see a copy of a few weeks of your core exercises. That plan sounds manageable. Hope you feel better soon!

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