Famous Friday: Fairytale Wedding

I think I've only said this a magillion times before, but I LOVE weddings. But who doesn't? I'm sure there's one person somewhere who absolutely despises weddings, but they're just wrong.

This past weekend, as I'm sure you all know (again, who doesn't unless you live under a rock?), was Kim Kardashian's Fairytale Wedding. Awww...

See Kim Kardashian's Wedding Album!

I was hopeful that there we been tons of glam shots and wedding video, but in typical Kardashian fashion, it was more focused on the drama, with most of the drama circling around whether or not Kim should change her last name. Although, I think a lot of the drama could have been avoided had they not waited until a week before the wedding to start talking about it. Some things you just need to talk about ahead of time, WAAAY ahead of time, and that's one of them. Kim decided on keeping her last name, in part because of her "business" which seems really selfish, but also to honor her deceased father, which makes a lot more sense. Although, I still would have liked to see her incorporate her new hubby's last name, Humphries, somehow to honor their sacred union.

But when it came down to the day of the wedding, the drama lifted to reveal a happily married couple, loving family, an extravagent party, and lots of glam (yay!). I can't say I would have ever done a black and white themed wedding, but it came out sophisticated and elegant. I also can't say I cared that much for Kim's third (yes, you read that right, third) dress, or maybe I'm just jealous that she had more than one.

Count 'em, one...
P.S. I love the bridesmaid dresses too!
Kim Kardashian's Wedding Album: Father-Daughter Dance

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Album: Ladies and their NBA Hunks

Although, I think the best part of the two part show was the ringbearer, Mason. Come to think of it, he's probably the number one reason why I watch the show each week with glam being the second (duh!). Too adorable!
Kim Kardashian's Wedding Album: Mason's Big Gig

If you could have a fairytale wedding, what would it be like? Where is your fairytale location? What are your fairytale colors? And, I think it goes without saying, what would the fiarytale dress (or suit...guys!) look like?


Anonymous said...

I would have stuck with the first two dresses, they're both gorgeous!

I've only ever seen one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and I refuse to watch another, as I think I'd end up completely addicted!

Bonnie said...

I think your wedding was the best "fairy tale" wedding I could ever imagine! After all, how can you beat a castle?? It was beautiful.

Rachelle said...

I agree. I didn't really care for the third.

And that's how I came to be addicted to the show. Too many college roommates watching it all the time. Was kinda inevitable.

And thanks, Bonnie! Our wedding was pretty fabulous. There aren't very many wedding venues more spectacular than a castle, but I'm biased.

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