T1/Bike Rev3 Cedar Point

I felt ok coming out of the water. I didn't really feel tired, but my stomach was still in turmoil. I decided to take Ben's advice and at least try the bike for 5-10 miles and if I can't do it, then I'll just turn around and go back. I grabbed my swim to bike bag and went into the changing tent. With the much appreciated assistance of the volunteers, I changed into bike shorts, slathered on vaseline and sunscreen, and downed a Honey Stinger Waffle and 16oz. of Gatorade. Before I headed out on my bike, I had to make a pit stop where my intestines unleashed all of their fury on some poor, unsuspecting Port-a-Potty. After that, I felt much better and felt more positive about my chances of finishing.

Goal Time: 10 minutes
Actual Time: 10:24

I have read many a Ironman race recaps. Every single one says, "Before I knew it, I was half way done", "Before I knew it the bike was over", "The bike went by faster than I expected". I don't know what bike they were doing, but I suspect there was some corner cutting involved. At no point during the bike did I even think about uttering the words, "Before I knew it...". There was definitely, "There's still over 100 miles left?" and "I'm only half way done? I have to be further along than that," and "When will the chip seal end?". The bike for the most part was pretty flat with a few little climbs thrown in. Worse than the climbs was all of the chip sealed roads. Seriously, it takes more out of your legs than climbing does. There was an aid station about every 15 miles, which was perfect. I had to get a new bottle or two of fluids every 15 miles and I had to pee every 15 miles. Still haven't mastered the art of peeing on my bike. Still can't move my legs and pee at the same time, or maybe its just stage fright.
As the  course went on, I really struggled mentally. I applauded my effort for even trying the bike considering my morning's goals to "just finish the swim", but I didn't want to quite just yet. I wanted to make it half way through the bike, then quit. I got to 56 miles and decided I wanted to make it half way through the entire race (70.3 miles total with the swim) and then quit. I got there, still alive but praying for some reprieve from the sun. I kept telling myself that in another hour or so it will be lower in the sky and will be less brutal. I can bike an hour. I made it to 80 miles which was the longest ride we had done in training. I wanted to beat that distance by a few more miles, so I biked 90 miles. If I can do 90 miles, I can at least try to do 100. At least that way, I can brag to Ben about how I was the first one to do a century. I got to 100 and was having a hard time talking myself out of doing the last 12 miles. 12 miles! Less than an hour of biking! At that point, I was being trailed by the sweep car. Despite knowing that I had plenty of time to make the cut off, I kept thinking that they were going to give me the boot at any moment. And then at 103 miles, it happened. I flatted, with 9 miles left. Just my luck. I never flat in training, but I flat in almost every race. Must have been all of the chip seal. Fortunately, Ben and I had just done a flat changing crash course the night before, so it was still fresh in my mind. The sweep car people were nice enough to help and make the process go faster. I honestly thought they were going to get out of the car to tell me "Tough cookies, you're done", but they didn't.
I managed to get the flat changed in a little less than five minutes, but it was long enough for my legs to experience the rest that they so badly desired. The last nine miles were the hardest. My legs just wanted to continue to just sit on the side of the road and change flats all day. Fortunately, the last nine miles were flat and through a scenic part of town, where gorgeous expensive houses line the lake.
As I rolled towards T2, I saw Benny. He had to DNF due to a freak hail storm. I felt so bad for him, but it was such a boost for me to see him. We hugged and he said how proud he was of me for even making it that far. I walked into T2 with the last transition volunteer left and got ready for the run.

Goal Time: 8:30
Actual Time: 8:10:57


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