Ten For Tuesday: My Bio

I apologize for being almost non-existant on my blog. I've been meaning to and wanting to finish my Rev3 Cedar Point race recap (for whatever its worth), but I've been just bogged down with work. Its a lot of hours to begin with, but to have to share the burden of being a person short (the head athletic trainer for the matter...our fearless leader) just takes up so much time. I've been fortunate to get in a 30 minute run here, a 400 yard swim there. Its nice that its warmer longer here, but the days still get shorter, and my work days are getting longer. I leave for work when its dark and I come home when its dark. We don't have a gym membership yet, just access to the pool, so its hard to get training in of any kind, let along blogging.

And to add insult to injury (I think), my beloved St. Louis Cardinals are in the MLB playoffs, so I've been trying to watch the games as much as I can. Unfortunately, those are at 8:30PM, which I'm usually home for, but when you have to get up at 4AM, I tend to fall asleep by 9PM.

And not that I'm complaining,but we had another busy traveling weekend this past weekend. Ben did the Rev3 Anderson race on Sunday. I don't regret going, but it didn't help me to catch up on sleep or relaxation time.

My Bio Ten:
1. Height - 5'4"
2. Weight - Most recently, 129lbs.
3. Hair color - blonde
4. Eye color - blue
5. Birth place - Wisconsin
6. Birthdate - March 28
7. Age - 24
8. Number of siblings - 2
9. Languages: English (fluent), Took 2 years of German and Spanish in HS, Took another quarter of Spanish in college and a quarter of French, Trying to learn French using "French For Dummies"
10. Current location: North Carolina


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