Ten For Tuesday: Ten Things I Like About My New Job

1. While I was at BU, I didn't think I missed having a football and baseball team. Now that I'm here, its so nice to have them again.
2. Small athletic training staff. Sure, it makes my workload bigger, but its so much easier to be a tight knit group of friends. It isn't clique-y like it can be with a bigger staff.
3. Open-minded staff. Everyone is open to new ideas and everyone is always eager to bounce ideas off each other, or pick each other's minds about things.
4. I have my own office. Still working on decorating.
5. Basketball and tennis practices are a lot less intense and injury prone than ice hockey.
6. I work with friendly and supportive coaches who enable me to do my job and do it well.
7. Friendly and respectful student-athletes.
8. Climate controlled...or at least basketball is. The heat would do me in otherwise.
9. (Relatively) new facilities and quality supplies.
10. Lunch hour

There are lots more that keep sprouting up, but those were the first ten that came to my mind.


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