Famous Friday: Royal Rule Change

For centuries now, the British monarchy has passed down the inheritance of the throne to their first born son. This rule has just been overturned, meaning that succession will not discriminate based on gender. This all but guarantees that poor Prince Harry will never be king. All the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have to do is have a baby of any kind, and the red-headed Prince will remain just that, a Prince. No promises that the hair color won't change though.

Another change to the royal rules is that the successors to the throne will no longer be restricted from marrying Roman Catholics. In the past, anyone who married a Roman Catholic would be banned from ascending to the throne. The rule originated back around the time of the Reformation, when Protestants were trying to free themselves from the authority of the Pope. Due to conflict within the monarchy, the Act of Settlement was eventually passed in 1701 to prohibit a Roman Catholic from becoming a monarch. Up until now, the monarchy followed the religious beliefs of the Church of England. Most recently, this was a point of discussion when Prince William married Kate Middleton, who was confirmed into the Church of England shortly before their wedding. Some say she did this willingly to confirm her faith, but others state this was to abide by the centuries-long rule.

Westminster Abbey circa July 2010 aka Our Honeymoon
 I'm not sure yet where I stand on either change. On one hand, I like seeing the monarcy conforming to modern beliefs and values in equality for all regardless of gender or religion. On the other hand, the monarchy is based on hundreds of years of tradition, and its sad to see those traditions slowly going away. The traditions, rituals and beliefs of the monarchy provides a glimpse of what life was like in the past. It is like a real life history book.

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What are your feelings on the rule changes?

Link:  http://news.yahoo.com/girl-british-royal-succession-rules-change-104444789.html


BB said...

I think the monarchy change to include women was a great idea. And I also think the religion choice should not hinder them from being a king or queen. Especially since there is no similar rule against other faiths, according to an article I read today. It is just against allowing Catholics to be monarchs. Sounds like discrimination to me.

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