Dancing the Boston Marathon

With two and a half weeks until the first triathlon of the season (New England Season Opener Sprint) and just about two months until the Patriot Half Ironman, I have started upon my least favorite part of training. The building up of an endurance base and the focus on quantity of miles is now wrapping up (hooray!), only to segue (I spelled that right on the first try!) into a quality of miles focus. This means I'm doing a lot more sprints, hills, etc.

On the positive side, I must say I really love how much I am sweating these days. Makes me feel like I'm getting in a really good workout. I also feel like I am getting stronger and faster instead of just putting in the miles. The recent running of the Boston Marathon has also inspired me to work harder. It has reignited my desire to qualify, for reals. I already have my victory dance planned out and it goes something to the tune of this...

Anyways, my weight continues to fluctuate and have in general been stuck at a plateau. I have determined that I might be doing a tad much snacking so I've put my jiggly tush back on the calorie watching bandwagon. Maybe I can finally take off those rascally last three pounds.

Also, to help me to eat healthier in general, I am going to go a week without refined sugar starting Sunday (really, who stops eating refined sugar on Easter?) and I am currently attempting to go 30 days without soda of any kind and limited caffeine. I have successfully survived to day four!


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