Famous Friday: Facebook

Now, to wrap up social networking...for now. Lord knows that there will only be an infinite more to come.

I used to like Facebook back when it was exclusive to college students only. Recently, it has become too much like MySpace. Anyone and their mom can join. And they do. There are kids too young to walk, but apparently old enough to access the Internet and type up a profile. Pets can have a profile. And like I said, moms are on Facebook. Seriously, can you really have the full college experience if your mom can check up on you at any given moment with the click of a button? Forget drunk statusing.

But that's really the least of what irritates me about Facebook. If one more person invites me to play Farmville, Ima kill all their digital sheep. Seriously folks, I didn't move from the Midwest to Boston just to be bombarded with more dairy cows.

Is this what social networking has come too? What happened to good old wall postings and picture tagging? Do we need to plant fake corn and raise fake animals together to reconnect or stay connect to friends?

To continue on the Facebook tangent, I saw The Social Network for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Man, it really makes Mark Zuckerburg out to be a douche. Who starts a business with their friends and then runs away and keeps all the money for themselves? He then acts oblivious to what he did wrong when confronted by his friend. Granted, I have heard that he really isn't that much of a jerk in real life.

Regardless, you gotta give the man credit. He invented (and with the help of some friends) built Facebook from the ground up. That includes all of the coding and programming. I can't even imagine what a huge undertaking that is. He definitely earned every bit of the money he has.

Nonetheless, I am super jelly belly of him. I am not jealous that Zuck (yes, we're on a nickname basis now) can invent things. In fact, I have invented many things myself. For example, I invented the fashion trend of wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath a short sleeve shirt.
Not me, but I was this much of a fashion fail in middle school
I also recently invented a fun little gadget that one day Steve Jobs will be writing me 7+ figure checks for one day. However, my idea was shot down faster than a plane in a No-fly zone by my tech geek hubby. My idea was for wireless earbuds.

However, I have no technological savvy beyond the ideas, so I clearly couldn't build these on my own. I recruited the help of my husband only to be told immediately that its "too complicated". And besides, someone has already invented wireless headphones, so my idea isn't really all that novel. He still wouldn't help me even though I bitched about how big and bulky wireless headphones are and that us athletes/cool people would like something a tad more aerodynamic like wireless ear buds.

Anyways, I am super jealous of the fact that he could do all of the work to create his invention. If the next million dollar idea consisted of eating, sleeping and working out, my wealth would grow faster than Charlie Sheen's Twitter followers. I would host a show called "The Apprentice" and Donald Trump would be a contestant.

Until that time comes, I will go back to the studying that I should have been doing all along instead of writing a really long blog.

Oh, and follow me @RachelleRae. Its almost April and I only have 28 followers. 1000 by the end of the year is looking really far off right now.

Note: I will be MIA next Friday for Famous Friday, but in two weeks, check back for "My Family: The Movie"


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