Famous Friday: My Lifetime Movie

A dream of mine is to become an actress, particularly in movies. In the mean time, I decided to make a movie about my life to be broadcast on Lifetime. It is about my family, so I felt like it was my duty to cast the actors and actresses for the movie. Here are my picks and I would love to hear from you if you think someone else should be cast. Also below, you will see the trailer for the movie, courtesy of JibJab.

First off is my dad. I cast the Indiana Jones version of Harrison Ford. It may not seem like the best choice based on this picture alone, but I swear, when my dad wears that hat, they could be twins.

Next up is my mother. This was one of the harder ones. I finally settled on the National Lampoon mom, Beverly D'Angelo.

Thirdly, is my sister. She was the other hard one. After much deliberation, I chose the brunette Elisha Cuthbert.

Second to last is my brother. He was definitely the easiest one as there aren't a lot of fair skinned, blonde actors. I give you Macaulay Culkin twins.

And finally, me. I had a hard time deciding on which actress best looks like me as none of them really do. But I finally found a blonde chica that has a similarly athletic build as me, but has an additional baby bump that I don't have, Kate Hudson.

And I present to you, my Lifetime movie premier...

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Ok, ok, I know I know. Its just some stupid soccer thing, but the only free movie JibJab (Star Wars) only allowed for four heads.


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