Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter and happy really nice day in Boston!

Benny and I went for a 32 mile bike ride today. It was my first ride outside. It felt so good to not be on the trainer any more. And it feels even better now that its not 40 degrees anymore. It was in the 60's and sunny for our ride today. We had a strong head wind on the way out, which also so happens to be a gradual incline as well, but it made it that much easier on the way back.

And I got my first sunburn of the season. Very mild, but it will be nice to not be pasty white going to Florida in three weeks. Although, it will be a solid farmer's/biker's tan.

It felt so good to finally be sweating it outside finally. Its hard to want to stay on a bike or do a run for a couple hours inside, or to even go that hard for that matter. I burned 1230 calories on my ride this morning opposed to the 600ish that I have been burning indoors.

Finally, it feels like its really triathlon season soon.

Again, hope you all are having as enjoyable an Easter or Passover as we are! And as Twitter folk put it, hope you get the egg with Lady Gaga in it.


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