Hubby of the Century

Yesterday, my hubby won the coveted "Husband of the Century" award. I have been nagging him for weeks, nay months, to take me to the New England Revolution vs. Manchester United game. I am a huge ManU fan and have been dreaming of seeing them play. I figured my chances of seeing them actually play at Old Trafford are slim to none, so this was my chance to see them play without paddling my row boat across the pond.

The game was last night and as of yesterday morning, we did not have tickets. I was giving up hope and hubby kept saying, "The tickets are too expensive. We can't afford it right now."

Sad face.

But then later in the day, he called and said, "I was able to find tickets we can afford but the seats are really bad." I didn't care. I was going to the game. Although, I'm not gonna lie, I washed my ManU jersey specifically for this game.

We left for the game as soon as hubby got home from work, but then got stuck in rush hour traffic and then game traffic on the way. What normally takes us about 40-45 minutes to drive took us an hour and a half. Hubby even commented that we should have just stayed home and watched the game. But we finally got parked and grabbed some subs from Subway for dinner.

We were meeting the guy we bought the tickets from at the stadium. While waiting for him, we perused the gift shop and I bought a scarf and hubby bought a t-shirt. The TV's in the gift shop were showing highlights of the USA vs. France women's game from earlier in the day (is it safe to talk about it yet?).

Side note, I like the way British people talk. I don't mean the accent, but their choice of words. Two British guys in the gift shop were looking for real jerseys and not t-shirt jerseys. When they finally found them, the one guy said to the other, "Oh, here's a proper shirt." "Proper shirt" sounds so much more prim and, well, proper than "real jersey". I think I need to study abroad in the UK to learn to speak "proper" English.

We got our tickets from the ticket guy who said to us, "These were going to be my tickets, so enjoy them." I almost said to him, "You wanted those sucky ass tickets, when you pretty much have your choice of tickets as a ticket dealer?" but I refrained. I mean, he did give us a $5 Starbucks gift card with our tickets, so I kept my big mouth shut.

Fortunately, I did. As we went in to the stadium to go to our seats, the hubby showed me the tickets and where we were really sitting.

OMG! Row 1!!!

View from our seats
Hubby later explained that he knew how excited I was for this game that he really wanted to make it special for me. He didn't want anything less than the best. Plus, all of the cheap nose bleed tickets had sold out by Wednesday morning. He didn't want to pay a lot for bad seats when he could pay the same price or a small amount more for great seats.

The game was just an exhibition and ManU won 4-1 so it wasn't even close. I think I was so excited that I was just overwhelmed. I won't bore you with the gory details of the game, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

P.S. I like hubby's camera better than mine.

The kid holding the Barclay's Cup is sooooo excited

New England Revolution fans

Corner Kick

One of my favorite pics

Rooney (#10 in red) header

Cameramen...always getting in the way

More Rooney action

Hard to see, but Rooney is mid-bicycle kick. He's the one upside down if you couldn't tell.

Proof I like the whole team, not just Rooney

Another Rooney action did that get in there?

Athletic Trainer action

The throw in one?


My face is so shiny from a combo of sweat and rain
P.P.S. Happy Bastille Day!!!!


Ali said...

Oops! On twitter I assumed you were a NERev fan, sorry!

I'm a big Liverpool fan, but quite a lot of my family now live in Manchester, so I've been in the away end at Old Trafford a few times; once in the 04-05 season when they were playing Southampton (United won by a few) and once in 08-09, when Liverpool won 4-1. It is an impressive stadium, and because of it's high capacity it is relatively easy to get tickets (at least, compared to the 12,000 seater stadia some other clubs have) so if you ever do make it over the pond, make sure it's in football season!!!

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