Thoughts From a Long Ride

I finally got my long ride in today, although it ended up being shorter than the 66 miles I had planned. I wanted to drive up to the bike path instead of navigating via bike through the busy, narrow Boston streets. I have done it before and I can do it, but I feel like the fewer times I actually do it, the less chance I'll be creamed. We only have one car because parking is freakin' expensive in Boston. Initially, the hubby was gonna ride his bike to work which would allow me to get an early start on my ride, but then he decided he would rather me drive him to work and pick him up. So by the time I dropped him off, went home and got ready and got to the bike path, I didn't start my ride until 10:45AM. That would be fine on any other day, except today the temperature was in the 90's and it was humid as always.

The temperature on the path wasn't too bad as its pretty shady, but I did some riding off the path as well for a change of scenery. The path we ride is 10 miles long and I felt I would get bored quickly going back and forth that many times. The road at the far end of the path has rolling hills so you can get some hill work in, but you can get some good speed going too. The traffic is tame by Boston standards so a lot of cyclists use it for their rides. However, its not shady so it was at least 10 degrees warmer, so I only spent 10 miles on the road. Conveniently, at the far end of the path is a water fountain, so I could make frequent fill ups. I used Gen UCan as my nutrition drink. This was the first ride I have done with it and my experience with it in the past is that its kinda chalky. I have found that if you let it sit (like while you're biking) the powder dissolves more thoroughly and becomes less chalky. However, its still pretty thick for a "during workout" drink, so I just kept diluting it with more water and it became more tolerable as the ride went on. During one of my water fountain (ok, it hurts, I have to say it, its called a bubbler, and I'm not gonna be nice about it anymore), there was a person begging for money. He kept following me and asking for money as I filled my bottles and tried to enjoy my Honey Stinger waffle. He kept saying he was dehydrated and needed money. I kindly told him that I didn't have any money with me (which was the truth anyways) and that if he was that thirsty there was a bubbler right over there. It quickly became apparent that his dehydration would not be relieved by water, but by alcohol as he ignored my offer of water from the bubbler.

Another reason we like the bike path is its elevation profile. Its not hugely hilly, but rather there are false flats. The first four miles is a gradual uphill, followed by a flat 2 miles and then a gradual 4 mile downhill. The beginning is always frustrating because it makes you feel fat and out of shape, but then you remember you are going uphill.

In the end, I only did a little over 50 miles due to the heat and the fact that I wanted to go home and clean up before picking up the hubby from work, but it still gave me plenty of time to think and I wanted to share some of those thoughts with you.

- Its so hot. How do people living in the south deal with this?

- Its lonely training by yourself. Glad I usually train with hubby.

- Maybe I should just stop now and do the rest of the bike with hubby when he comes home from work.

- No, I should just do it now and get it over with.

- It is really friggin' hot.

- I wish the bike path was this deserted on weekends.

- I need new bike gloves.

- I can't wait to get a time trial bike. They are so much lighter.

- Think cold thoughts. Boston in winter.

- Why does cow poo smell different than human poo? They say human poo scents can vary depending on what you eat. If that's true, does cow poo smell bad because all they eat is grass and hay? Does that mean vegan poo smells like cow poo?

- So why did I sign up to do an Iron distance race again?

- I hate hills.

- Am I done yet?

- Its afternoon, so the sun is setting, so it will get cooler soon, right?

- Wow, a hot dude cyclist. That's a first (well, second if you include hubby). He must be pretty good because he has massive thighs and he isn't wearing bike gloves. Badass. Aww, he waved at me. *Swoon* Should probably stop staring now.

- Is it just me or did it just get really hot out here?

- Eww, dead chipmunk. I would have at least kicked it to the side of the path if I hit it.

- There are some pretty awesome cycling kits.

- Done. Food.


Barb said...

I love all the thoughts! Some are the same I have when running. We are struggling through the heat & humidity here as well. Was running at 6am to avoid the sun at least. Though not doing anywhere near what you are. My workouts are probably a warmup for you:)

Colleen said...

:) I've had so many of those same thoughts - I'd love to be as good as you and remember them after a long ride!

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