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I'm just going to write a short and sweet post today because I'm not feeling well, and I'll tell you why in a minute.

So this past weekend's training did not go quite according to plan, thanks to Mother Nature. Although, it has [temporarily] cooled down significantly thanks to the rain. I managed to get my long run in last night. 

Pros of the run:
- Despite having  ran two marathons in the past and three half marathons (not including the 1 1/2 half Ironman races), this was the first time I had ever ran 16 miles in training. I am usually plagued with injury and laziness beyond belief that I just never get it done. Yesterday, I was feeling inspired by a blogger friend, Mandy aka Caratunk Girl, who just finished her first Ironman yesterday. So proud of her. Can't wait to finish my first on September 11!
- Also, despite run/walking the last six miles, I still managed a decent pace of 10:23min/mile for the whole run. I was expecting it to be closer to 11min/mile, but I was running a pretty solid run the first 10 miles which made up for the last six. 

Cons of the run:
- My IT bands hate me.
- I'm about to be minus another toe nail.
- TMI Warning: Before yesterday, I had been constipated for two weeks. I was suffering pretty good and was not getting any relief from stool softeners, but there is no laxative as powerful as a good long run. Its so powerful, I now have another problem. I went from one end of the poo/no poo spectrum to the other. At least now, I don't have to diet as long to get back down to race weight...LOL.

On an unrelated note, I got a lot of good job news at the end of last week. I had phone interviews Friday and Saturday with two different positions. I have another one this Friday with a third school. And what seems to be the most promising lead so far, I have an in person interview on Wednesday that I'm flying out for tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping to maybe have this job search wrapped up either late this week or early next week.

With that being said, our lease ends a week from today and we want to move all of our belongings to storage on Sunday. Our best packer will be gone for an interview for two days this week, and we have tons to pack yet. Will hubby come through or will I be stuck packing double time when I return? 

Mellow Monday:


Barb said...

All the cons suck! But great job on the 16 mile run. Good luck with the job interviews!

Colleen said...

Glad you aren't constipated anymore! :)

I'll be at CP too in September... would love to meet you!

Keeping my fingers crossed for the interviews!

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