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Since graduation, I have not had class (obvi) and have not been required to go in to work. It has been nice to just relax, catch up on watching my DVR recordings, read, clean, and most importantly, really focus on my triathlon training and eating healthier. Although, there have been moments that I have been bored, but that is just because I didn't feel like cleaning, but I have gotten better as the week went on. Also, as we'll likely be moving withing the next couple of months, we have discussed packing up the things we don't need right now, such as winter clothes (at least I hope we won't need them for a while).

I realized the other day that I had not done any strength training in over a month. I decided to change that yesterday. I did some upper body lifting at the gym and then some lower body body weight exercises and core exercises at home. I can tell I haven't lifted in a while. My butt is on fire today. Pre-commencement, I was focusing on getting my body "bikini ready", but it was half-hearted as the weather has been far from "bikini ready". Now, that it's supposed to be a high of 80 everyday this week, I've become more serious about toning up. 

I know it may sound silly, but for at home exercises, I have been doing exercises I have found in Cosmo magazine. Each month, Tracy Anderson (personal trainer to the stars) gives four exercises that target certain areas of the body and can be performed at home. Since my recent subscription to Cosmo, I have collected the following workouts (I feel like this is Pokemon...gotta catch 'em all): Slim Your Waist, Tone Your Triceps, and Lean Thighs-No Lunges. I have been doing the waist exercises for a while now and that in combination with my diet, I have definitely noticed more definition in my abs. I have even acquired (albeit small) upper ab dimples. And I noticed the dimples within a week of starting the exercises which was the most exciting part for me. 
I haven't been doing the tricep exercises as long, but I feel like my arms have always been one of my best features. They have always been naturally slim, so there was only minimal toning that was needed anyways. Although, I have been wanting a slightly more muscular look to my arms (think Kelly Ripa) than just slender.
And I did the Anti-lunging leg exercises for the first time yesterday. They definitely focus on the gluts (butt muscles). Hence, my firey butt today (no, I do not have hemorrhoids). Maybe it will make my butt less flat. Maybe one day, my butt will have its own Facebook page.
Mine is a Fine Ass in Waiting
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