Falling Skies Premier Party

As you all read yesterday, Ben and I went to the premier of Falling Skies. It is a SciFi TV show that is going to be on TNT starting June 19. We received an invite to go to the premier in Boston, as well as a cocktail hour with appetizers (can't spell hors d'oeuvres) before hand. One of the stars from the show was scheduled to be at each premier party with Moon Bloodgood being at ours. Ben really wanted Noah Wyle (the male star of the show) to be at our party so he could take a picture of me with him. But I want to call him out on his bluff. I think he was very happy to have Moon at ours.

Noah Wyle attended the premier party in Chicago we later found out. The party took place at Felt Nightclub in downtown Boston. It was complete with an open bar (beer and wine only) and, as I said before, appetizers including veggie spring rolls, mac 'n' cheese, flatbread pizza and more.

Just chillin'

Like I was saying yesterday, I was having a hard time deciding what to wear. I had never been to Felt before and had never been to a TV show premier. I didn't want to be way over or under dressed so I decided to go with something more middle of the road "glam".
The dress I wore for graduation
The night was running a little late. The premier was supposed to start at 7:15, but it hadn't started as of 8PM when we left. Obviously, we didn't want to be too too late for the game. Although, knowing what I know now, I probably would have stayed for the show. I didn't realize the game would be such a blowout. And the show was filmed in Toronto (one of my most favorite cities), but takes place in Boston (obviously, another one of my most favorite cities). I'll definitely watch the first episode when it premiers on TNT on June 19 at 9PM Eastern Time!

The extra time did allow for us to get pictures with and talk to Moon Bloodgood, however. She is such a sweetheart and I hope all celebs are this down to earth. She really knows her stuff when it comes to movies as well. She seems to be the type who really researches her role, the plot, the scene, etc. to make her part as accurate as possible. Ben mentioned to her that I had been taking some acting classes and she had some kind words to say about that as well. It just makes me want to be an actress that much more. Gotta keep doing work. Nothing in life is free or easy. If it was, everybody would be doing it.
She even said that she doesn't understand why when she takes pictures
she's always pressing down on the other person's shoulder.
I said, "Its not your fault I'm short."

Some pics of our walk home through Boston Common:

G. Washington in his Bruins jersey

A beautiful garden outside someone's home...so hard to do in the city
Toss Up Tuesday:
Our "entering the ice" song when the band isn't there to play the school song...


Colleen said...

Very cool! Cute dress and that plate of food looks delish! :)

The Wanderer said...

First of all Dropkick's is amazing and I love them! Second, I like George in his jersey. Third I LOVE your dress. Fourth I have heard about this show before, not that I would watch it or anything.

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