12 Days Until Hockey Season

The past couple days have been really intense. On top of being a week into the school semester, I am now only 12 days away from the women's ice hockey team's first official practice. I am really excited for the season to start, but I still have so much to do before the start even happens.

Here is my work to do list (I repeat, it all has to be done within the next 12 days):
- All freshmen, transfer, and returning student athletes who haven't taken the Impact test within the past two years need to take it. The Impact test is a computerized cognitive test that is used to determine severity or presence of a concussion. In order to know that information, there needs to be a baseline to compare it to, and the baseline needs to be completed before practice starts.
- Any one who needs or wants a custom mouth guard needs to have one made. Mouth guards are required in ice hockey by the NCAA.
- Clean and stock the ice arena athletic training room. The arena was renovated over the summer so I had to remove everything from the athletic training room. Now, it needs to be cleaned and restocked. The new arena looks so much nicer. They put in new, brighter lights, new boards, and a new refrigeration system in the ice floor.

- Form a contact and emergency contact information list for the team. I also need to create a red flag sheet which lists all of the athletes who have potentially life threatening conditions, such as asthma or severe allergies.
- Make sure my personal kit is stocked and ready to go.


On the plus side, I have an athletic training student helping me out. Yesterday, we cleaned the ATR and were able to stock part of it. We were able to get done a lot more than I thought we would, so 12 days is slightly less daunting. Also, for the most part, the student athletes have been helpful by doing what I need them to do quickly, so I don't have to try and chase them down to do it. The coaches have also been supportive and have been making sure that I don't have to chase any student athletes down, and if chasing has to be done, they have been doing most of it for me.

17 days until game day...


Anonymous said...

Hockey, YAY! You sure have a lot of work to put into getting things ready for the start of the new season, things most people wouldn't know or think about. Thanks for the interesting insight. I can't wait for my season or the local AHL season to start, either! How is your knee holding up?

Rachelle said...

Its feeling better, but I haven't been running in 2 1/2 weeks, and I just went for my first bike ride in 2 1/2 weeks today, but that never really aggravated it to begin with. The official diagnosis was chodromalacia, but my doctor gave me very vague instructions on what to do now (and by vague, I mean he didn't say anything), so I'm trying to figure that out. I feel like if I need PT, I'd rather go to a clinic so I'm held accountable instead of just doing it myself, where I would most likely just not do it. Athletic trainers make the worst patients.

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