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I still have not decided what I want to do with my blog or where I want to go with it. Instead, I've just been working on this one post. It took forever because I have been so crazy busy. Its just one of a few things I have been thinking about while bored in class. I am open to suggestions for topics or focuses for my blog. I have started a triathlon themed blog. I will mention it a little bit here, but I will mainly talk about it on the triathlon blog.

A couple of posts that I am working on that I will post later are about my recent trip to Martha's Vineyard and a post about my last *sniffle* acting class. Hopefully, its just my last class for now because I really enjoyed it and would like to pursue acting a little more.

Without further a do, here's my official post...

When I was a young lass in school, no one wanted to sit in the front of the class.  First of all, all of the cool kids sat in the back. Second, the teacher was bound to always call on you if you sat in the front.  Sitting in the front also meant you couldn’t sleep, not even for a second. Without sleep, school would pass infinitely more slowly.

As I grew older and started college, it was the same deal, only the reasons had change. Students still wanted to sit in the back to sleep, either to recoup from the night prior or in preparation for that evening’s events. In addition to sleep, students wanted to be able to converse with classmates during class without the teacher overhearing.  They also needed to be able to text everyone and their mom while remaining out of sight of the professor.

Finally, when I got to graduate school, there was a change. Students moved to the front of the class. I don’t know if it is because all of the kids who could really care less were weeded out and all that remained were the nerds who were always subjected to the front anyways or if it was another reason, but it was the way it was. Being that I was used to sitting in the back, and I generally don’t feel like sitting next to anybody, I always make my way to one of the last two rows. I am usually the only one who sits that far back. On rare occasions, though, I am joined by another student, and against my will too. Most often, this student is at least 10 minutes late for class and is probably sitting in the back because they do not want to crawl over students in the front.  And I always know the reason why they are 10 minutes late.  One can’t begin class without one last cigarette.  However, what I do not understand is why they always decide to sit right next to me?  There are two whole empty rows of seats and they chose the one right next to me?  As if the invasion of personal space wasn’t bad enough, they most assuredly wreak of cigarette smoke. Do I look like I could use a friend, particularly one of fragrance? There is a reason why I have already distanced myself from the rest of the class. It definitely wasn’t so I could get my second-hand smoke fix.

There are days that I really do not want to sit next to someone. I even go to extremes and put my jacket on the chair to the one side of me and my backpack on the other. One would think that this is a clear sign that the seats are either taken or I’m just a hot mess and they should avoid me anyways. It has come to my attention that some people just cannot take a hint if it was sitting in their seat. I’ll be sitting there next to the only two things I want to be sitting next to when someone comes running into class, late like usual, walks up to me, points to the chair with my jacket in it and asks, “Is anyone sitting here?” Me: “Well, no, but no one is sitting there either” as I point to the other ten empty chairs in my row.

Now, if I can actually learn to be that much of a bitch, life would be perfect.


The Wanderer said...

Hahaha...your choice to sit in the back and by yourself makes it seem you don't want friends. I also disagree about being in college where most people tend to sit towards the back. Maybe its just a girl talking about her small college experiences, but most people sit in the front. There are those few of course who will ALWAYS sit in back and sleep and could care less about their education. I also hate those who walk in late due to their need for some nicotine!

bonnie berry said...

As someone speaking from the other perspective, (teaching said class), I always wonder why people don't sit up front. But then I get someone who does (sit up front) and they always are the students who drive me nuts! They want to have lots of conversations with me and be my best friend. Well, let me tell you, as a professor, I don't want to be their friends. This is my job, not a social activity.

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