Everything about today was crazy. I knew going in that it would be chaotic, but I didn't know how bad it would be.

It all started with the nutrition midterm I had this morning. I was warned ahead of time that the material is easy, but the questions can be tricky or phrased funny. Some of the questions were straight forward, but there were a bunch that could really trip you up if you weren't paying attention. Hopefully, I didn't do too badly.

Of course, I realized as I was walking out of the test that I had forgotten my watch. Its normally not the end of the world, except that I was going to work and watches are mandatory. I never thought that the few extra minutes that it took me to go home and get my watch would have prevented me from having to help out with what came next.

To preface, a bunch of my athletic training coworkers (also graduate students) were taking tests at the same time and place as I was. We had gotten done with our tests at a slightly staggered fashion. Adrian got done first and went straight to work. I got done next, but had to get my watch. Beth and Anita (a senior student) got done at the same time shortly after me.

Back to the story, I usually walk along our quiet side street as long as I can on the way to work. The sidewalk is far less crowded and I can walk a lot faster. About three blocks up, I have to turn off and walk on the sidewalks on Commonwealth Avenue which is the main street that runs through campus. It is always full of traffic. That in addition to all the pedestrians makes for just one really crazy mess.

As I was approaching Comm Ave (what it is most commonly called), I see a bunch of people standing on the sidewalk. It is normally busy, but never quite this busy. They were all standing next to a bus stop, but just the sheer number of people led me to believe they were not all waiting for the bus. Straight ahead from where I was walking is one of the freshman dorms that has a 3rd story hallway that over looks Comm Ave. The hallway was packed with people looking out to the street. Now, I knew something was weird. I heard sirens in the distance, but didn't really put two and two together until I got closer. I saw a car on the side of the street with a completely shattered windshield. Oh yes, people gawking at a car accident. I overheard someone say to a friend, "She was just crossing the street and she got creamed."

My first thought was, "Oh my goodness, is she ok? Is anyone helping?" I step out to the street to see Beth and Anita already there. Just when I was about to run up and ask if they needed help, the ambulance pulled up. I decided then that it would be best for me to just stay out of the way and not get involved.

I saw Beth and Anita shortly after and asked if the girl was ok and if they were ok. Apparently, the girl was hit pretty hard. I'm still unsure as to the circumstances of the accident, but according to Beth, the girl was not doing well. The EMT's even told her that they don't think she will make it. I gave Anita and Beth both a huge hug as I can't even imagine being in their position. I also can't help but think what would have happened had I not forgotten my watch and I had been there sooner.

Later at work, we were briefed on how Beth and Anita were doing and were asked to be extra supportive over the next few days.

That afternoon, I was covering practice. I have been with this team for over a year now and this is the first time anyone has come to video record practice. They were doing it for a story on the three girls who are on the Canadian national team. Its hard getting used to it, thats for sure.

In other news, I was really excited for tonight's spin class. It would have been the first one that I would actually be able to attend, but I received an email this evening that said it was canceled. I guess that means no workout for me tonight as the gym is a one mile walk away and I don't feel like walking up there if I'm not going to class. I'll just be sure to get a quick run in in the morning.

Tomorrow, we leave for North Dakota. The hockey season is finally here!


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