Going for a Spin

Work has been giving me some really long days recently. With the season fast approaching (first practice in less than a week), I'm working hard to tie up the last of the loose ends. Most of the girls have either completed or are at least scheduled to take the Impact test. Also, 15 of the 25 girls have gotten molds of their mouth for custom made mouthguards. Now, they are not required to have custom mouthguards, but they are required to have mouthguards of some sort and custom mouthguards have not been offered to the team in over four years, so almost everyone wants to take advantage of the opportunity. In addition to my time with the team, I had to put in my weekly hours at the Student Health Center yesterday. Because we are seeing so many patients in such a short amount of time, I hardly notice that I am there for 4 1/2 hours. It really flies by. I am also noticing how good (in my opinion) these patients have it. When I see someone for an orthopedic issue, I see a doctor for about 30 seconds and that's it. These patients are getting a full evaluation from me, the same evaluation that I would do on any one of the varsity athletes, in addition to a "check", official diagnosis and order for treatment by the doctor. I guess its just another good argument for why athletic trainers should play a bigger role in the medical world.

So speaking with some of my fellow triathletes, particularly those who are members of Wheelworks Multisport which is the team I am currently competing for, many of them mentioned that they do spinning for off season training. Seeing as it get very cold and snowy and icy (emphasis on snowy and icy) in winter here in Boston, I was desperately searching for alternative ways to get some triathlon training in. I knew of spinning, but generally thought it was for middle aged women or stay at home moms. Turns out, I was wrong, as I usually am. My teammates, male and female alike, admitted that a good spin class works wonders for your bike time. 

My mission: To find a spin class, good or bad, but preferably good

Location: Boston University's Fit Rec. I already have a membership and its just too darned expensive to get one somewhere else.

I started my search through their online list of fall classes yesterday. I'm broke until Friday, but took mental notes of dates and times that classes were offered and generally how much they cost.

I arrive home last night after a long day of work and start the ever tedious task of reading and deleting the 50 emails that I received during the day, deleting more than reading. I wish I could say I'm just that cool, but in reality, I'm just that much of a sucker for free stuff...and apparently I look like I have nothing else better to do with my time than read chain emails. Really, if those were true, I wouldn't be married, I'd have worse luck than my sister (maybe that's what happened to her) and I would have died at least 50 times by now. 


As I'm going through my email, I notice a couple from the BU cycling team. One of them with the subject "Spin Class, Starting 9/16". Why yes, please. At first I thought it was a spin class that the cycling team attended together, but one for which I still needed to pay. Turns out, it is a team run spin class for team members only that is completely free and is held every Thursday.

I love how being a part of the team is really helping me out. I am so stoked for my first ever spin class *eek*!


Barb said...

Cannot wait to hear how the class goes. I've debated about going to a Spin class. Have fun!

The Wanderer said...

Are you saying that I should have responded to all the chain mails? Thats why I have such bad luck? I'll be darned.

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