BU Cycling Team

While I was pondering how I was going to stay motivated for the upcoming off season, I recalled that BU has a club cycling team. I found out about the club when I saw someone wearing the swanky team kit (I was jealous to say the least).

My roommate in undergrad was a member of OSU's cycling team for a couple of years. I never seriously considered joining the team then, but then again, I was a runner and a runner only then. Now that I am a triathlete, I have to focus on getting better at all three events. The swim and bike are the two events in which I have the  most room for improvement. Because of that, I made improvement of time in one or both of these events my primary goal for the off season. The next step was trying to determine how I was going to do that and how I was going to stay motivated now that I don't have any races until May and winter is fast approaching...supposedly.

That's when I remembered that joining the cycling team could be an option. I perused the website and found out that the cycling team accepts undergrad and graduate students of all ability levels. Their season is in spring starting in March which is also coincidentally when the hockey season ends. However, they do have training rides every Saturday and/or Sunday all year, weather permitting.

I was definitely interested, so I joined the mailing list and sent an email to the team president for more information. The first team meeting is next Thursday. I'm looking forward to going. I can't wait to see where I stand in comparison to other cyclists my age. I am particularly curious as I have a triathlon background and I'm sure a majority of the club has cycling backgrounds. I can't wait to see how well triathlon training has prepared me for this.


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