I'm Shipping Up to Boston

*Duh, Duh* *Duh, Duh*

Nothing screams game time like those notes. The Dropkick Murphy's song is commonly heard at many Boston sporting events, but it is and always will be our song in my eyes. Its the song that the team skates onto the ice to. Its the song that signals the beginning of another period of hockey, another period of kicking butt, another period of Terrier hockey.

When the season ended six months ago, it was time for some much needed time off for everyone. It was time to regroup from a harsh season ending loss. It was time to recover from the long bus rides and bumpy charter flights. It was my time to spend more time with Benny and to spend some time away from the rink. It was much welcome time away, but now I am ready, no, thrilled, not quite, ECSTATIC for this season to start. This past week has been like the week leading up to Christmas filled with anticipation, last minute preparation and sleepless nights.

There is so much to look forward to this year. There is the big trip to North Dakota to open the regular season. There are the games against Boston College. There is the Beanpot. There is defending our Hockey East title. There is (hopefully) doing well in the NCAA tournament. Well, at least I'm hoping for better than last year (8th of 8 teams, but just making it there was an accomplishment in and of itself). There are the ten new student athletes, two of whom won gold medals with Team Canada in this year's Winter Olympics. And most importantly, there is the athletic trainer who is returning for round two, who was not scared away after her taxing first year, who is not intimidated by the daunting second year, who actually knows what is going on and how the ship is run and doesn't have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

"...to find my wooden leg!"


Ben said...

Um I love you... but... that picture scares me.

Rachelle said...

Don't talk about my team that way ;)

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