So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, my Acting Class

Yes, my title is taking off of Benny's blog.

I had my last acting class on Monday. Well, at least my last class for now. I had so much fun with the class that I am plotting out my attack for my next class. The next hardest class is the Intermediate/Advanced Acting class which is on Sunday afternoons. The next session starts Sunday and I can't quite swing it then. Plus, it just doesn't make sense as I will be gone a lot of Sundays over the next 6 weeks. The next session after that starts in November.

I also joined the auditions mailing list through the company that organizes the classes. Speaking of which, I need Benny to re-do my headshot. The first one didn't come out as well as I thought it would...

I was late to class by about 40 minutes due to work. I didn't miss much as our teacher usually starts class with a few games. During the rest of the game, we only did two exercises. For the first exercise, one person would leave the room and come up with a two person scenario. The rest of the class would come up with an adverb that they would act out in the scene. Person one would come back into the room, pick two people to act out the scene and tell them what the setting is. The two people would act out the scene while also acting out the adverb. The scene would continue for about five minutes and at the end, the first person would have to guess what adverb was being acted out.

The second exercise was by far the most fun one that we did in all of the six weeks of the class. It was an improv exercise. Two people started the exercise by standing in the front of the class. The rest of the class would place them into a random position, and they had to start acting out a scene based on their position. They would continue the scene for about 45 seconds, then one of the other students would yell "Freeze". That student would then replace someone in the scene and start another scene based on the body positioning.  It was so funny and random and off the wall. I felt like it left a lot of room for us to be creative. 


BB said...

That sounds like lots of fun. It reminds me of the Drew Carey crew on WHOSE LINE IS IT, ANYWAY. Lots of creative opportunities! You go, girl!

Ben said...

This is your funniest blog post yet. I told you your best stuff comes out when you write about things you're passionate about (acting and of course me). And you used a line from the Sound of Music in your title. that means we've both done that this week.

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