Game One Complete

On Saturday, the Terriers had a lone exhibition game to start their season. It doesn't count towards their record at all, but its a great way to get the team used to playing with each other again (or for the first time for the newbies). Although, six of the ten new players, including the two Canadian gold medalists, did not play in the game, so its hard to tell how good this team is going to be. They played the University of Windsor from Ontario, Canada. The Terriers started the game with all guns firing and scored only 12 seconds into the game, but just as quickly, Windsor responded with a goal of their own. The rest of the first period was played without any scoring. Finally, in the second period, the girls started to get their groove back and started pulling away without looking back. They won the game 4 to 1.

Regular season play starts on Saturday with a weekend series at North Dakota. I am so excited for the trip. I have never been to North Dakota and I have heard that their new ice rink is nothing short of amazing. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures. The whole team is looking forward to this weekend. North Dakota proves to be a huge challenge to start the season. I have high hopes that they will do well this weekend, but at the very least, it will give every one a good idea on where we stand among the better teams in the country. Then its all downhill (I hope) from there.


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