I've seen a lot of "Sorry, I'm not sorry" blog posts floating around recently, so I've come up with my own "Sorry, I'm not sorry" confessions. It is actually topic based. They are thoughts that I have had while reading other blog posts, but have been too scared (or too nice) to share publicly. For the first time ever, I'm coming out with it. I feel a little more safe putting it on my own blog without targeting individual blogs.

Folks, sorry, but I'm not sorry for these thoughts:

1. If barefoot running is the all-natural way to run, how come no one is barefoot walking? And how come almost all barefoot runners that I know are almost always injured?

2. I heel strike, so deal with it.

3. Too many bloggers post about and give advice on topics they are unqualified to do. Anyone can Google "How to treat IT band tightness", but if your readers' IT bands are really that tight, they should see a healthcare professional. If anyone has a heart attack, they should still call 911 (courtesy of The Hangover...if you didn't get the reference).

4. There is no such thing as gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, carb-free, calorie free cheesecake. And if there is (GROSS!!!), I wouldn't want to try it anyways, but thanks for sharing the recipe.

5. Proper grammar and spelling...use it. (there, their, they're, your, you're, etc.)

6. You haven't ran in 6 weeks due to a foot stress fracture, and you ran 4 miles Monday, 6 miles Tuesday, 3 miles Wednesday, 7 miles Thursday, crosstraining (30 mile bike ride) Friday, 12 miles Saturday, 5 miles Sunday...and your foot hurts again, and you're really truly confused as to why?

Do you have any blog pet peeves/thoughts that you're not sorry for?

Also, tomorrow (hopefully, I'll have time), I'll talk about the interesting day I had yesterday. Definitely, a once (again, hopefully) in a lifetime experience.


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