My new running shoes are hot...

Note: This post was written last week, and I just now got a chance to upload photos.

Hot pink that is!!

I was in desperate need of new running shoes, so Ben and I hit up a sale at a local Tri store. They were having 30% off everything, plus we had a $30 Groupon ($40 for $100 running shoes!!). They watched my running gait on a treadmill. They took video and watched it waaaay slowed down. They found that my right side has a pretty normal gait pattern, but my left foot over pronates slightly (I had my suspicions). It actually explains a lot in regards to my running injuries. I get IT band pain and tightness in both knees, but only one at a time, so my left is likely due to the over-pronation and the right is probably compensating for my wonky left side. I also have chondromalacia, but only in my left knee. I have kinda given up on my chondromalacia. I have come to conclusion that it will probably never completely go away until I stop running entirely, but I want to do want I can to keep it minimally painful. Hopefully, my new shoes which are designed to correct my over-pronation will do that for me.

I went for my first run in them yesterday. They felt amaze balls, except for the toes in my right foot went numb like they do when I bike. Probably have my Yankz a little too tight. I didn't notice any IT band or knee pain, but I only ran 2.5miles and I have been taking it easy with my running recently to give my poor body a rest and time to heal.

I did, however, see a wild boar. It was chasing some dogs around. I figured if it was brave enough to chase dogs, it was probably brave enough to chase me, so I made a U-y and hightailed it outta there. Thus why my 3 mile run was cut short to 2.5 miles. That and it was 80 degrees yesterday...


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Beautiful shoes and in pink too! Happy running :)

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