November Goals

1. Workout every day, even if its just some body weight strength training at home. Although, I want to get back on the triathlon bandwagon and swim, bike or run everyday, even if that means getting up an hour earlier each morning to hit the pool. The World Series is over, and in two weeks, I won't have to help with men's basketball coverage any more, so I have no excuses.

2. I don't have any mileage or time goals for exercising, just doing something, ANYTHING! I am tracking my miles, so I can have mileage goals next month (obviously, more than this month).

3. I lost 18lbs. for our wedding in 2009, and since then, I have gained 8lbs back (with 5 of them being last year, and 3 this year). Now that I'm not in season for triathlons, I want to work on shedding those pesky pounds again. Weight Watchers worked for me for the wedding, so I'll stick with that again. To hold myself accountable, I'll post how many points I ate, how many I exercised off, and how many of the extra 35 points/week I used. For someone of my age, gender, weight, etc., my goal number of points per day is 21. My goal for the month is to lose 3.5lbs. (oh, hello Thanksgiving!).

4. Puppy goals: Get him potty trained. We take him outside frequently, and he has been pretty good about going when he's out there, but he still has the occassional indoor accident. And I don't think he completely understands yet that the reason we take him outside is for him to go potty. He just knows that he is allowed to go potty out there, but hasn't quite registered that he can't go inside and that he needs to let us know when to take him out, instead of us just taking him out every hour. I have been a picture fail recently, but hubby has been posting pictures on his blog. We have officially named him Stanley after the Stanley Cup.


Barb said...

If you need any puppy training tips let me know. Went through that almost 2 years ago. They really do learn quickly if you are consistent.

Bonnie said...

I had the same potty training problem with Ben. He always went when we took him, but wouldn't go on his own. I have no advice. ;-)

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