Ten For Tuesday: Late Again!

I don't have any ideas for a blog post for today, so I'm rewinding back to yesterday. I have done a lot of traveling in my day, and I was curious to know what are the 10 biggest cities that I have been to. Using worldatlas.com and mongabay.com as my sources for population, here are the 10 biggest cities (by population) that I have been to in order of greatest population to smallest.

Note: This is actually visiting, not just flying/driving through.

1. New York City
New York City Skyline

2. London, UK

3. Paris, France

4. Chicago

5. Toronto, Canada

6. Washington DC

7. Detroit
Haha! Just kidding...

8. Minneapolis
Minneapolis Minnesota

9. Kiev, Ukraine

10. St. Louis

Bonus Point Question: What do all these cities have in common?

Hint: I picked out very specific pictures to help you with the answer.


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