Odd Thanksgivings

People tend to give thanks for obvious things, but here is a list of things I have forgotten to be thankful for that are a little less obvious:

1. Thankful that we lost the National Championship game. Could have been worse. We could have lost earlier.

2. Thankful that Game 6 of the World Series was a nightmare. How else would we remember the amazing run that was this year's St. Louis Cardinals?

3. Thankful that I didn't finish Rev3 Cedar Point. The biggest success was making it to the starting point and actually having the courage to do the race.

4. Thankful that I had to wait so long and go through so many job applications and interviews before finally getting a job. I love it here and I love my co-workers and my teams. Only thing that could make this any better would be if it were a hockey job.

5. Thankful that I'm not spending Thanksgiving with my family. Makes me appreciate the little time that I do get to spend with them so much more.

6. Thankful that my parents are getting a divorce, and not under hostile terms. At least I still have a good relationship with both of my parents and they are both alive and well.

7. Thankful that I get a flat tire in almost every triathlon that I do. I have gotten really good at changing flats under pressure.

8. Thankful that I have had to work with an under-staffed staff. It is giving me a lot more experience than I would get normally. Plus, its another bragging point or "challenge" that I can talk about in future interviews.

9. Thankful for this 6 hour bus ride. Two posts in one day, say what?!


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