37 more days until Christmas!!! Not that anyone is counting...

...and I've already bought a few Christmas gifts for Stanley!!

Update on monthly goals: Well, my work out every day goal fell through rather early in the month, thanks to my crazy busy schedule. I've gotten better about it the past couple of days and, hopefully, I can keep it going through the remainder of the month. As of yesterday morning, I was down 1.4lbs. That would put me just shy of my goal for the month, but I haven't been eating as good as I had planned and, like I said earlier, I haven't worked out as much as I had planned either. Hopefully, correcting both of those for the rest of the month should at least get me close, even with Thanksgiving.

Update on my team: We had our first away game last night, and second official game of the season. We are now 2-0, winning both games pretty solidly. Keep it going, ladies!!

Update on personal life: If you haven't read it yet on Ben's blog, the bad news that I received a couple of weeks ago was that my parents are getting a divorce. It definitely came as a shock to me. On one hand, I'm glad that I have both of my parents and they're both healthy and well, but they always seemed so happy together and in love so it really came out of left field for me. We're still trying to decide what to do for Christmas. Go to Florida and possibly spend my last ever Christmas with both of my parents together? Or go to Michigan to Ben's parents' house where it will be less awkward?

Update on men's basketball: Eric Griffin (#21) had an average game last night...


B & B said...

Rachelle: We were sorry to hear your sad news about your family. I know this is hard for everyone when a marriage ends, even when the "kids" are grown. Your mom and dad are good people and I know this must be difficult for them both. We are praying for you all. B & B

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