Ten For Tuesday: What Would I Buy?

I had to take two patients to the doctor today, and on our way, we saw a bumper sticker that made us giggle. "If I didn't own a horse, this would be a Ferrari." I don't know about you, but I would rather have a Ferrari than a horse. I know Ben would be shocked to hear that after I have been incessantly pestering him since we moved here to buy me a horse. But it gave me an idea of a Ten for Tuesday...If I had enough money to buy and care for a horse (let's say approximately $100,000 over the lifetime of the horse), what would I buy instead of the horse? I would buy a Ferrari, but I won't take that as its a freebie.

1. House
Not this one exactly, but you get the idea...
2. Boat
Free image of Sailing Boat

3. 1000 pairs of shoes at $100 each
4. 100 Louis Vuitton purses at $1000 each
5. 50 years of NHL season tickets @ $2000 per season
Also, how I would react if I had $100,000
6. Tiffany Jazz Necklace ($16,500), Tiffany bracelet ($2300), Tiffany Earrings ($30,000), Tiffany Ring ($8250) ...

...or maybe just this!

7. 20 week long trips to Europe at $5000 per week

8. Three years of tuition at Oxford University at $30,000 per year

9. One really amazing movie theater room in my house

10. 10,000 four packs of Guinness @ $10/pack


Julie said...

Cute post! I like all of your ideas.

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