School's Coming

My predetermined plan was to have two weeks completely off of any sort of exercising, except walking to and from work which I have to do. Week 3 would then be optional and Week 4 would officially start my off season training. During the weeks leading up to Timberman, I could not wait for a break. I was physically and mentally tired of training. Now, only a week into my two week break, I am already going nuts. It feels like I have not worked out in a couple of months. Pending my MRI results, I may have to refrain from running for even longer than the two to three weeks. I never thought I'd miss workouts this much.

Yesterday, I started my rotation at the Student Health Center. It is a part of a class that I am taking. Once a week, I help out the sports medicine physicians by helping them evaluate patients. After my evaluation, I'll tell the doctor what I found, what I think is wrong, and how I think it should be treated and the doctor takes over from there. I was only supposed to have an orientation session yesterday, but due to a lack of staff, they asked me to actually help out. I ended up being there two hours longer than expected, but I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I saw a couple of really interesting and different case.

Two days till my parents are in town. Two days until Buckeye football!

Two days until school starts :-/


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