Mellow Monday

Didn't have time today to write a blog about my graduation weekend, but don't despair folks, I shall scribe on it tomorrow.

In the mean time, please enjoy some

Just to clear the air, I love listening to music, and so I would like to start posting a song of the day during the week. It is similar to the daily themes that we have at work in terms of what kind of music we listen to, but I tweaked it a little to my liking. On either Saturday or Sunday, I will then pick one of the songs that I played that week as my favorite and why.

The daily themes are:
Mellow (or Mumford) Mondays - Gotta stay calm on Mondays...long week ahead...and who doesn't love Mumford?
Toss Up Tuesday - Anything goes
Western Wednesday - Throw on those cowboy boots and let's get to stepping
Throwback Thursday - Anything pre-2000...could be an oldie but goodie from the 50's, a hair band from the 80's, or a jam I grew up with in the 90's
Fist-pump Friday - Jersey Shore style, Its time to get the weekend started

Mellow Monday:


Edie said...

Hi Rachelle,

I've been following your husband's triathlon exploits for awhile on "Becoming Timberman" and just had to jump over and wish you congratulations on your graduation!

Good song. I like the "Cheers" theme song reference in the lyrics.


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